Vanished #Microstory

Vanished #Microstory

Into these hollows
of grainy sand
Into the powdery texture
that covers everything

Into the crashing waves
that send shivers up my spine
as they inch closer to my feet

It’s disappeared.

Without meaning
Without hope
Without explanation.

The days are short.


Terminal- #MicroFiction

Terminal-  #MicroFiction

“There’s no hope.”

Sam stared bleakly at Meg as he uttered these words.

“Really? He said that? Wow, talk about a bedside manner.”

“Meg, don’t joke. I can’t. . .lose you. Not now.”

“And you won’t. We’ll show him. You and I.



Breaking point #Microfiction



Expectations anchor me;
Disappointments drag my soul
Through the eviscerating routine.
Life stands upon my neck
Twirling a lasso,
biding its time,
Like a sadistic, fanged hunter!

And I know this:

It’s only going to get worse
Before it gets better.