Thoughts on Quitting & a Gratitude List

FeaturedThoughts on Quitting & a Gratitude List

In 2003, I bought the omnibus edition of ‘The Indispensable Calvin & Hobbes‘ as a birthday gift for my husband. It was sheer pleasure to know that we shared a common love for this delightful comic strip. Earlier this week, my 10-year-old pulled it out of her bookshelf and settled down to read.

Within minutes, she was chuckling as the mirth from the pages translated into hilarity in her mind. The room, her face and my heart were all filled with gladness as the humour spread its touch almost imperceptibly.

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All you wanted to know about me (or not)- Anything but books Tag

It’s been a while since I blogged here; 15 days nearly, I think? Well, it’s been a rough two weeks and I could be better. But I couldn’t pass up this lovely tag from Shantala Nayak. And I needed to write something light-hearted to break out of this fatigue.

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A memorable tryst with tennis

A memorable tryst with tennis
People say a tryst with tennis can be an awakening of the soul, a peek into the joys of sport and something that will energise you through the day.
Actually, I’m not sure if anyone said that, but it sounds good in retrospect and as a motivator. A picture speaks a 1000 words. Now, if you look at this one below, you’d assume that I played tennis. You’d be right, but that’s not the whole picture, which is why we need words.
Tryst with tennis

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