A memorable tryst with tennis

A memorable tryst with tennis
People say a tryst with tennis can be an awakening of the soul, a peek into the joys of sport and something that will energise you through the day.
Actually, I’m not sure if anyone said that, but it sounds good in retrospect and as a motivator. A picture speaks a 1000 words. Now, if you look at this one below, you’d assume that I played tennis. You’d be right, but that’s not the whole picture, which is why we need words.
Tryst with tennis

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The Art of Forgiveness

The Art of  Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a strange concept yet delightfully fulfilling. When done with true intent it makes two people happy: The one forgiving and the one receiving it.

The month of February has been a rollercoaster one, personally. Despite the joy of moving into a new place, the plague of illness kept me from achieving full joy. Towards the end, though, I managed to find gratitude even in the dark moments. Continue reading “The Art of Forgiveness”

7 Important Lessons Learned from an Illness

7 Important Lessons Learned from an Illness
Lessons learned from illness

Gently, almost lovingly, my fingers trace the letters on the keyboard before me. After nearly a month, I see this blank draft staring back, waiting, wistfully perhaps, for the words to appear.

The house is quiet and the soft, pastel shades on the walls soothe my senses as I take a deep breath and weigh each word as it leaves my mind. Continue reading “7 Important Lessons Learned from an Illness”