Broken but beautiful #Poetry


I’ve closed my eyes and tried to sleep
But the images flicker beneath shuttered lids.

Songs, music, a happy beat
Punctured by the echoing shots
Smoke in the air
My hair
My belly
My bloodied wrists.

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Longing #Poetry


I’ve watched this sky everyday
Hoping it’ll show me these colours
Once again
This confluence of aquamarine and baby pink
That merge almost effortlessly
Yet stay apart, distinctly.

I watch this sky today
And miss you every moment of every waking day
I long to sit by you
Pour out my heart
Watch as you listen
And lift me up
Like the sky that bears
The gentle pink clouds.

I will watch this sky everyday
And with all my soul, pray
That the Universe will bring you back
And let us be together
Inseparable, come what may.

  • Shailaja V,  2016

Standing tall #Poetry

I’m tired.

Tired of being afraid, of being told that I cannot do this
or cannot share this.

Tired of the stalkers that creep up and over my timeline
who make it their mission to instill fear in my heart.

Tired of worrying if everything I say or anything I do can be used against me either in a conversation or a court of law. Continue reading “Standing tall #Poetry”