A Fraction of a Second- #amwriting


In the span of a breath, everything changed. The moment she had been waiting for, all her life, was ripped to shreds right before her very eyes, in one frenzied action. Miriam merely stood there, a mute witness to the spectacle that played out in front of her.


Four months ago

“Will you stand still, Miriam?” snapped June in a voice edged with annoyance.Β “I cannot get the veil over your head, if you keep moving around.” Impishly, Miriam twirled around as the lacy edges of the veil tried to hug her unruly curls in a desperate attempt at order.

Sighing in exasperation, June dropped the veil on the dresser and plopped down on the silken sheets covering the bed. The bride was being difficult on purpose.

“Aww, cheer up, my maid of honour,” Miriam piped up as she jumped on the bed and did an impromptu jig. “We have plenty of time.”

June did not share in her exuberance. “Three months is not enough time, Mir.”

“Four,” corrected Miriam absent-mindedly, while still jumping on the bed.

“I mean, look at you. You’re pumped up, full of zest, but are you even ready for a commitment of this kind? You’ve known Jared all of 4 months! How well do you get to know someone in that time?”

Miriam paused in her prancing to drop next to June, onto her knees, her face close to June’s shoulder.

“Well enough to know he is the one meant for me.”

June merely remained silent, but her disapproval was palpable.


1 month ago

Clutching the maroon folder in her hands, Miriam looked angrily at June. “You did WHAT?!!”

“Yes, I know it wasn’t what you wanted, but I had to be sure. I was not signing you up for a life of possible pain,” said June, her feet planted firmly on the polished wooden floor of Miriam’s condo. “It’s all there, if you want to read it,” she nodded towards the folder.

“Are you insane? What would make you think I’d want to read this? What or who gave you the authority to spy on my husband?”

“Your would-be husband,” corrected June.

With effort, Miriam controlled the barrage of words threatening to spill off her tongue and said instead, “Look, I know you don’t like Jared. I don’t expect you to, either. But, this is the man I will marry, for better or for worse. So, either deal with it or leave now, so I can look for another maid-of-honour.”

“Tsk, tsk. All this misplaced affection for a man you’ve known barely seven months, while we have shared everything for what…7 years? Glad to see you have your priorities straight,” a sarcastic June retorted. She then turned on her heel and clicked her stilettos out of the apartment.


The Big Day

The mirror showed Miriam what she wanted to see, a face glowing with joy on her wedding day. But it didn’t show the pain underneath. June had not answered any of Mir’s calls after that terrible encounter between them. Sighing, she adjusted the veil, smiling a shade sadly at the memory of the last time June had tried to get it on her.

She stepped out to the limo waiting outside. Seated inside, she adjusted the veil and her train and signaled to the driver to leave. As the car cruised along the countryside, her eyes took in the various sights. Up ahead, she saw the bent branches of a tree, tossed by the last storm. She remembered that night. What a terrible storm! She admired how it had remained rooted, albeit bent and crooked, all through that onslaught. “Is that what perseverance is?” she murmured, closing her eyes for a few seconds. Like my love for Jared, she smiled.


Moments later

Miriam opened her eyes, not understanding why her head hurt. She realised she was thrown clear of the car. Her dress was in tatters and blood covered her hands. The limo was in flames. Without a second thought, she started running towards the church.

Bursting in, she saw June speaking to a horrified Jared. She moved closer to hear the words, “. . . the police think the brake lines were cut and the driver lost control of the car. They perished instantly.”

Miriam felt a clammy hand around her chest. From where she stood, she could also see the smile on June’s face as she turned away from Jared.

“I saved you, Miriam. From yourself,”Β she heard her whisper.


Photo from yeah write
Photo from yeah write

Β©Shailaja V

Word Count: 747

37 thoughts on “A Fraction of a Second- #amwriting

  1. I mirror a lot of thoughts of fellow writers here – You MUST write longer pieces of fiction more often. While I’ve always known that you write short fiction really well, I’m pleased to note that you write longer pieces with equal gusto and deliver the flow very well. Keep writing, Shailaja. Though the story was relatively simple (and a bit expected), I really loved the delivery of the story. You had my attention throughout, and from one-fellow-writer to another – I know how difficult that is. Kudos !

  2. I think Mir should have broken up with June. I like how extreme this is: Mir is so much in love, June is so much in hate and jealousy. That poor limo driver and his family. Didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

  3. This was fast-paced and engaging. I really was wondering whether June was right about Jared, after all it had only been a few months. But, wether she found out something or not, she clearly was worse than him! You tied it all up very nicely.

  4. WOw that was quite an ending Shailaja…You really have made the ‘Moving Quill’ a blog of quality fiction…Saying I loved it would be an understatement so I’ll just leave with a smile πŸ™‚

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