A Halloween tale- #100words #DrabbleWeek

Boring! We want a story that will scare the pants off us! 
Adam looked at the ten-year-olds around him. A wicked smile lit up his features. He dropped his voice to a subdued  whisper, Oh, you want a story with a real ghost who walked among us?
Shivering, they nodded.
She was cutting up the pumpkin that night  when a sudden movement caught her eye. That’s odd! She hadn’t lit the candles yet. As she leaned in to check, the pumpkin shook violently and exploded in her face, splattering her with yellow paste! Two frightened rodents scampered into the darkness.

©Shailaja V
Word count:100
This is written in response to the theme prompt
 ‘The pumpkin exploded ‘ 
for Drabble Week over at 
Marathon Bloggers 
Today is Day 2
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