A month later-Does Nioxin work? #NioxinNowInIndia

“Did you do something to your hair?”

“Why yes! How did you know?”

“I noticed that there are hardly any strands of hair on the floor now!”

A tear escaped my eye- a tear of joy- as these words emerged from the soul I know will not lie: My household help/ maid! (What did you think?) ๐Ÿ˜‰ At last, it seemed that my dream would be a reality: the dream of a full head of hair!

It’s been a monthย since I attended the product launch of the Nioxin hair care solution at the Bodycraft Spa in Bangalore. You’ll recall that I spoke about the salon experience, the pampering, the consultation with the Nioxin specialists, the 3-pronged approach of Nioxin towards thinning hair and the fact that we had to try the product on ourselves at home for at least a fortnight or more.

Well, aย month’s ย up and it’s time to reveal the results! But first, a quick recap of what we were supposed to do at home with the three-pronged approach suggested by Nioxin.

Given the condition of my hair (normal, naturally thinning hair) I was recommended to use the Type 5 treatment on myself.

Nioxin Type 5 treatment: Normal to Thin-looking hair

Step 1:


Cleanser Shampoo

Much like any shampoo, this must be applied onto the scalp, massaged until it lathers and left on for a few minutes. Afterwards, wash off as you would regularly.

Step 2:

Scalp revitaliser

Scalp Revitaliser

This acts like a conditioner for your scalp. Unlike other conditioners, this should be massaged not just into the head, but also right down to the tips of the hair and left to soak in for about 3 to 5 minutes, before rinsing as usual.

Step 3:

Leave-in Scalp Treatment

Scalp treatment

This is the one thing that’s different from the regular shampoo-conditioner routine. It’s a leave-in solution that must be sprayed onto portions of the scalp after towel drying the hair. Once sprayed, massage gently with your fingertips throughout the scalp and right down to the ends of the hair.

What I did:

When it comes to challenges, I am very diligent, so I decided to see this through and find out how it would work for me. Every alternate day, after the salon treatment on the 23rd of May, I dutifully followed the 3-step process as mentioned on the package and as advised by the Nioxin experts.

  • Before every wash, I massaged my hair with oil and left it in for an hour before the Nioxin treatment.
  • After towel drying and applying the leave-in scalp treatment, I waited half an hour at least before blow-drying my hair.
  • I brushed my hair with a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles and to check for hair fall.

What I saw:

I rarely gush in my reviews, given that I am rather skeptical when it comes to products that are new. Having said that, here’s what I found:

  • Hair strands on my comb post brushing were very few in number.
  • Stray hair (a few strands) on the floor as opposed to clumps of hair before the treatment.
  • Thickness of my hair increased, as evidenced by the hair clip that I used regularly.
  • The coarseness that I generally find post a shampoo wash had given way to a softness that was lovely!

So, if you recall, this was how I looked a month ago, at the spa, after my salon treatment.

Me- A month ago

And here I am, as captured today. These were taken at home. Picture 1 captures the length and volume of the hair. Picture 2 captures me, just posing, I suppose ๐Ÿ˜‰

Picture 1
#NioxinNowInIndia #ThinningHair #Treatment
Picture 2

If it’s not clear from the pictures, take my word for it. It works! I am really happy with the texture and increased thickness of my hair now.

So if you are experiencing hair thinning problems, I suggest that you get a consultation from a Nioxin specialist right away!

Youย can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at yourย nearest salon.

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This is my personal and honest review of the #Nioxin experience. I am not a certified beautician/ salon specialist. Kindly consult one before using any of the products mentioned in this review.ย 


24 thoughts on “A month later-Does Nioxin work? #NioxinNowInIndia

  1. This is such a helpful and honest review. My sister is experiencing alopecia due to her Psoriasis. You think this will also help? Her scalp is balding on the frontal and it kinda stresses her even more. Hope I can be enlightened more. Where can this be purchased?

  2. Great to hear it worked for you Shailaja! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t believe how many women (myself included) who have thinning and even bald or balding spots. It’s quite shocking actually. I’m not sure about the ingredients so may not use it myself; however, I 99.9% of the time towel dry my hair even in winter and just let it naturally dry and never overwash or overbrush it. <3

  3. You would think that, but no. I swim regularly, so I oil my hair regularly and obviously wash it immeditely afterwards. That’s five days a week. Other shampoos+conditioners haven’t helped the way this has. I am just hoping it’s not a fluke and it really has worked, because I can use it.

  4. Oil massage, shampoo and conditioner every alternate day? Any shampoo should work wonders if we can follow that routine! It’s the neglect that spoils our hair in the first place. We just get so busy with our jobs and housework that we don’t get any time to nurture our own bodies.

  5. Hey Shantala. You need to do a consultation with a Nioxin specialist at the salon. Based on that they will recommend the best type for your hair. The first treatment is an in-salon treatment. Then you can do it at home, on your own. Good luck. I hope it works for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Shailaja, thank you so much for this review. I looked up the link you gave and am overjoyed to find a salon near me. Just 5 minutes from my place. However, I do have one question. Do we have to do a treatment at the salon before we buy the product, or do they test and recommend?

  7. My husband often complains of the hair on the carpet… hairless is a big problem for me. I gotta try this one. Love your pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I can see the difference. My maid would crib so much about all the hair lying around.
    A question though, are you continuing using it ?
    if yes then would love to know the effects after six months .
    I say this because, whenever I chose a new hair product and notice some good difference it stays for about one month or a few days more. After that things goes back to square one..

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