A thing of beauty- #MicroblogMondays

What makes something truly beautiful?

John Keats, in book 1 of Endymion, immortalised this statement: ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’.

 If there is one thing I know to a certainty, it is that things change. That includes our perceptions of beauty and what counts as truly great.

Take the image of this vase, for instance:


I may see only beauty in its blend of colours and the strategic placement of shells and designs to give it that appealing effect. Another may see the cracked bits at the top and still find it incredibly beautiful. Yet others may not care for it at all. Perhaps they don’t like red. But,that’s life, isn’t it?

After about a year of sticking to a particular theme on my blog, this morning, I switched  to what I felt was a cleaner layout, bigger font, better visibility of social media icons and easier navigation tabs. I spent an hour on the process and sat back, feeling satisfied at the outcome.

But, we are human. We balk at the idea of change, even if change means a better life, a better vase or a better blog layout. At the core of it, though, it’s the need for change that keeps driving us- whether we show it in our blogging styles or our profile pictures on facebook or even in the kind of tea that we take.

Let’s face it- we are , after all, agents of the social fabric and society is always changing. To me, that is truly beautiful.


Do you like to change or experiment with change?

What’s one thing you’ve been glad to change

in the recent past?

Oh and while you’re here, do you like the new blog theme?


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31 thoughts on “A thing of beauty- #MicroblogMondays

  1. Change does result in doubts and apprehension … but what’s life without adding new flavours 🙂
    I actually loved your previous template too. This one is clean too 🙂 seems the blog theme too personifies you 🙂 I am also looking into few changes to be done on blog.

  2. Love the new blog theme. I am all for change, thrive on it. Maybe that is why I loved the life of an army wife and the constant moves to different cities, different houses. 🙂

    1. I have always been amazed by the lives of army wives and bankers. How many moves and how easily you do it 🙂 It’s incredible and a mark of resilience. Here, I twiddle my thumbs when it comes to changing something major, such as a bank account 😉

  3. Oh yes Shailaja, i noticed the changed look of your blog and its refreshing.

    I do like change but am slow in experimenting with change. Guess its my advancing age that holds me back.
    I am glad that I joined the social media bandwagon (FB and whatsapp) because of a firm nudge from my close friend Vijaya.

  4. I like change but it should be slow and I should be prepared for it. If it’s sudden I get too overwhelmed but I guess I adjust easily.
    Coming to the layout – it’s neat, font is good for the eyes and looks good! 🙂

  5. It is a nice theme — very easy to read.

    I am not great with change, hence why I have had the same theme for years and years. Why my hair never changes. Why I’m wearing clothes something that I wore 20+ years ago 🙂

  6. The new theme look cool and neat! I dont like too many changes, the regular, the routines, the familiar is more comforting for me. 🙂

  7. Yes, it looks good! And, yes, it is good to bring about a change – in life, in our thinking. Although I find it hard to accept change when it happens in a major way, I prefer the little changes I unconsciously make in things about me – my wardrobe, my kitchen, my writing style. Some major life change would be too much to take. 🙂

  8. Shailaja,,, practically everything around us, in our lives is based on perception… Perceive your change positively and you would like it…. but the irony of life is perceptions change too :)!!!!

    1. Exactly, so the beauty of change lies in our perception of it, right? And if we can modify perception to be positive and happy, then we would welcome change. But, as you said, even perceptions can change, so this would be an infinite loop 😉

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