A time to read? #FridayReflections

Reading has changed over the years, hasn’t it?


We’ve moved from the long periods of soulful reading pleasure into the snappy bytes of online reading. Paperbacks and hardcover books now jostle for space with the e-readers and Kindles and Nooks.

My reading is now chopped up into bits during the day,  much  like julienned carrots that are made in one large batch and then used throughout the day in various dishes.

I find reading blogs and serious news articles are best done in the early hours or the first half of the day. The afternoons are given over to lighter pieces that don’t require too much contemplation. I wind down with either a gripping novel or a pleasant, rib tickling comic before I enter slumber land.

Without going into the merits of one type of reading versus the other, I just want to ask you, what time do you think is your best time to read? What do you personally enjoy?

37 thoughts on “A time to read? #FridayReflections

  1. I read any time i get…in the loo, in the cab, at lunch, at dinner..and any time i can get in between..There is always a book within 5 feet of me..
    I definitely am reading something before sleep.

  2. I normally read at night. It helps me wind down. But the night ones are normally the contemplative ones, not given to too much excitement or high passion. The other ones, I try to sneak whenever I take a break from work or on weekends. Honestly nothing compares to sitting down with a book for me 🙂

  3. My reading time tends to be anytime I can. That’s not often, hence why I tend to lag behind a few days on posts and what not. I try to catch up, which again, doesn’t happen that often. Afternoons, however, are when I get a lot of that done.

    1. I agree that there is a lot going on- first we blog, then we visit blogs, we comment, then we have to reply to the comments on our blogs and then we share our posts and engage on various social media platforms. Add all this to a full-time job and housework and errands and you wonder HOW we can ever manage to get reading done, right? Sigh.

  4. I love my Kindle as much as my paperbacks, so no preference there. However, I love to read first thing in the morning (which is not always possible) and right before bed (which I do every night). 🙂

  5. I used to be a voracious reader of books, but like so many of you, this little blogging obsession, er, hobby is taking up most of my time now, The nightstand is piled high and the Kindle is chock full. Best time to read is in bed, at night. That’s one great thing about the Kindle. You can read with the lights off and increase the font size if needed.

  6. You have expressed it so well. Love the comparison to “Julienned carrots”.
    I read blogs, articles and anything interesting. News articles is something I am not keen at reading thoroughly. So just the headlines.
    However, I have always loved reading collection of short stories and continue to do so. 🙂

  7. I read a LOT online, and I read a LOT on my Kindle as well. Light reading is spread over the day and proper book reading is at mealtimes and before sleep. And yes, I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment and I use it to READ :D.

  8. I like reading blogs and articles online in the mornings when I’m checking email and Facebook. In the evenings after dinner, I try and retreat to my room and read a book, usually some young adult, romance or some inspiring self help type book. I prefer getting paper books from the library. I do read the occasional ebook but much prefer holding a paper book in my lap.

    I remember that feeling you describe about Gy losing herself in a book and not even hearing you talk to her. Childhood was great for that how I could lose myself in books and become part of it.

  9. My mornings are spent reading the newspapers, although not in detail. Afternoons are good for reading blogs, but again, not too many. And, evenings and nights are for reading anything that makes me feel good before I shut my eyes to sleep…I don’t want nightmares, you see?!
    But, yes, our reading habits have sure gone from good to bad. At times, I wonder, why can’t I proceed beyond two pages when I sit with a good book? Have I lost my attention span, or am I ageing? Whatever the reason, I am trying hard to get back to reading books, more than staring at the e-devices.

  10. *Looks at her TBR pile shakes her head* I still try to read, in the afternoon and before I sleep. I hate being disturbed while reading and writing to the extent that I get very irritated. Now the recipient of this ire is usually my poor ma and S. I know I am bad like that. I just renewed my library membership and hope that I never have to go a day without reading again.

    PS: Learnt my lesson from last time. Now I comment only from the laptop

    1. YES! Comment only from the laptop here too. That means sometimes I reply a day late to comments but that’s okay, I feel. We spend way too much time online as it is. Yes, being disturbed brings out the beast in me too and I keep telling myself it’s just a book, but it’s so hard!

  11. I like uninterrupted time when it comes to reading books so I prefer night time. This also helps me in sleeping well. It has been pointed out by family that I treat ‘reading books’ as sleeping pill 😀 I catch up with blogs by squeezing an hour between the period I shut the door on my husband in the morning and open it for my son in the afternoon.

  12. I mostly read my books over weekends. During the weeks, if I can spare half an hour, I read. I dont watch TV a lot. That is another time when I get to read as everybody else is watching TV. I would like to read a book atleast an hour everyday, but that is a distant dream as of now. This excludes all the blogs, news, online reading.

    1. I try to read daily, Lata. It’s tough but I am making time these days. Just like I recently started making half an hour for my walk everyday. Hoping this will sustain. Weekends are generally spent with the family so I don’t get time to read as much as I would want to anyway.

  13. I was about to write a piece on a similar topic.
    I’ve been struggling to find time to read. Not blog posts, but books in general. The blogs I do read at some point during the day – but books, I struggle. Maybe because I like to be undisturbed when I’m reading and with a little kid around, it hardly happens. Also with me, reading a book requires me to feel part of book. So I hate getting disturbed. But as part of a new self-imposed pact, I try and read a few chapters before I hit the bed everyday.

    1. Yep, we somehow make time for blog posts, right? Oh and even get upset if people don’t read ours 😉 Yeah yeah, I’m guilty.

      Books need to be a part of our daily routine. I look at my daughter and envy the way she gets so absorbed in a book that she cannot hear the sound of my voice. I think longingly, ‘DAMN, that used to be me!’ Kudos on the self-imposed pact, Sid! Yay! I have been turning off devices an hour before bed and put my phone on charge in a separate room and that has been helping tremendously towards bringing back the reading habit. I hope it only grows and gets back to what it used to be. I honestly need to get away from most of the armchair activism that I see online.

  14. I am struggling with reading these days. 🙁 Mornings are just too hectic for me as I pack off kids and hubby. I keep reading online when I work during the day. Would love to read more during nights but again sleep off early. 🙁

    1. Sigh, I know what you mean, Rachna. Add to that the fact that most of our work happens online- blogs or otherwise- and we are anyway hooked to our laptops whether we like it or not. Even 8 years ago, I remember reading more and savouring the experience like a wonderful dish. Today I consider it an achievement if I finish a book in a week. This is coming from someone who could finish a novel in 4 hours.

  15. I’ve found I spend way too much time reading online and look longingly at my TBR pile. It’s sad and I’ve been thinking very recently that I need to read more actual books.

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