A voyeur's gasp

Her pulse quickened as she saw that her dream was finally about to come true. In slow motion, she observed him walking towards the elevator, as she stood there, toying with the edge of her shawl, slung carelessly over her shoulders.

How many days she must have spent, watching him surreptitiously from her apartment. His flat was diagonally below hers and gave a perfect bird’s eye-view of his room. The living room, of course. What were you thinking? Really, such impure thoughts!

He smiled at her, the kind of smile that strangers exchange, with no hidden intent, without expectation and born out of courtesy.

She did the gallant thing and held the elevator doors open for him, as he sailed in. Her eyes fluttered and she could have sworn she simpered too. Such behaviour, she admonished herself.

That’s when it hit her. It crept up on her at first and then, very quickly, became overwhelming to the point of intolerance.
In breathless anticipation, she waited for the elevator to cover the long journey from the 34th floor to the lobby. Once the doors slid open, he turned, smiled again at her and walked out.

Finally, when he was out of earshot, she let out a gasp and a choked cry. Would that she had been content with the covert spying.
His terribly masculine, musky cologne had caused her to gag uncontrollably.

Why do men douse themselves so? Don’t they know that the AXE maidens are made up? she thought despairingly.


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  1. hahahaha.. you don’t know how much I rail against these ads every time I see one of them. I can’t imagine how you’re keeping up this 1-a-day momentum! Kudos !!

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