A wholesome Day- Dinner

Her tummy satiated, Vivienne felt unwilling to return to class. Instead, she decided she would skip school for the rest of the day and head out to the fields near Clifford’s Hill.

Swinging her satchel high in the air, she skipped across the roads and found herself in the lush greenery that covered the fields. Sighing with pleasure, she sank into the wet and verdant softness, languishing in the feel of the blades as they caressed her arms and feet. With eyes closed, she listened to the chirping of a cuckoo on a tree, far away. Her eyes were closed, lidded to protect them from the rays of the sun as they gently beat down upon her supine form.

Before long, the sun shed his fierceness and started sinking on the horizon. With a start, she opened her eyes and checked her watch. Dinner time!

Grabbing her things, she sprinted all the way home. She flung open the door and raced up the stairs. Man, she was starving!

She came back down, showered and fresh, to see her favourite meal laid out on the table. With a yelp of excitement, she sat down to eat, grabbing every item in sight.

She looked over at her parents, seated opposite her and smiled. They looked through her. She could have sworn there were tears in her mother’s eyes.

Her father reached out and touched her mom’s hand in support.

I know it’s hard, Mabel. But we really need to move on. It’s been a year now. 

Mabel wiped her eyes and nodded, with sadness. Her eyes strayed to the photo on the mantelpiece. Vivienne followed her gaze and almost choked. Her spoon clattered to the table with a loud rattle.

There sat a photo of Vivienne, with the inscription: ‘Our beloved daughter, who now lives with Jesus, but forever resides in our hearts.’

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia

~~~~ The End ~~~~

©Shailaja V

This is the final part in a 3-part flash fiction piece. Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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10 thoughts on “A wholesome Day- Dinner

  1. Wow!! That was a tragic end! Really caught me off guard.
    Confession, I read the story and later saw that this is a 3 part fiction. But it as a standalone piece was really good too. Getting back to the other two parts now!

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