A wholesome day- Lunch


The shrieking of the school bell could be heard in the distance, as Vivienne walked the last 100 metres up to the gate. Sighing in frustration, she kicked the curb and split the toe of the shoe neatly down the centre.

Perfect! What a horrible way to begin the day! she muttered.

Trudging up the steps of the educational portal, she leaned against the main door for a few seconds, catching her breath. Finally, she pushed against the door and entered the hallway. Walking up to her first class,  Arithmetic, she noticed that the big doors were closed. Ah, of course, no latecomers in Mrs. Pearson’s class, she said to herself ruefully.

Twiddling her thumbs, she decided she could do that in the school library. Once there, she settled with a book into a cozy corner and before she knew it, she had fallen fast asleep.


The jarring sound of the bell shook her out of slumber and checking her watch, she was shocked to discover that she had slept through the morning. Damn it all! It was lunch time! Heck, she was starving anyway.

Her eyes gleamed as they lit upon the loaded trays in the cafeteria. Sighing with pleasure, she dug in and ate to her heart’s content. She looked around, but nobody seemed to care that she hadn’t shown up for the morning classes. Shrugging, she returned to her meal.


Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

(To be concluded)

©Shailaja V

This is the second in a 3-part flash fiction piece. Come back tomorrow to read part  3 🙂

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