A Winter's Wish- Five Sentence Fiction

He didn’t have too many desires, except for this one.

His breath caught in short gasps as his heart lurched in his frail chest.

The icy gale bit at his cheeks as his eyes clouded over, before he flopped onto the porch, struggling for breath.

A tiny whimpered ‘woof’ escaped his throat, which miraculously traveled beyond the closed door.

Tears streaming from her eyes, Janine rushed out to cradle his furry head as he gave himself up to the warmth of her lap and peered into doggy heaven.

winter night


          Written for Five Sentence Fiction's Prompt: Wishes

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50 thoughts on “A Winter's Wish- Five Sentence Fiction

  1. if only we all get someone to hug us tight during difficult times, it would be so much more beautiful! you are becoming a pro at ennding the post with twists πŸ˜€ good one πŸ™‚

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