Writer holding the Moving Quill

Writer holding the Moving Quill

Welcome to my website: The Moving Quill

Shailaja Vishwanath here: Writer, parent, entrepreneur and blogger; not necessarily in that order. I churn out creative writing and non-fiction posts on this blog while talking about motherhood and Blogging tips on another.

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I’ve been blogging/ writing for 9 years and have been featured on BlogHer, WordPress Discover, Yeah Write, Blog Adda and White Swan Foundation. I also contribute to The Huffington Post.

My writing credits are featured here, at Contently.

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Have a campaign/sponsored post you think I can write for you or want to hire me for some freelance writing? Drop me a line using the Contact Me page.

14 thoughts on “Writer holding the Moving Quill

  1. Shailaga, I’m so glad I saw your flash fiction piece, “Impulse,” this morning. It is brilliantly crafted. Looking forward to spending lots more time here, delighting in your work!

    Thank you for following my blog. ~ Susan

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