Afternoon at the Library- #FridayFictioneers

Alice could hardly concentrate on the book before her. She’d just wanted some peace and quiet to finish her novel.

Just behind her, in the aisle labeled ‘ Anthropology‘, she could hear unmistakable sounds of scraping and shuffling. She knew. The very thought of what was going on repulsed her!

Gritting her teeth, she decided to confront the miscreants. Hoping to catch them unawares, she tiptoed around the heavy, wooden bookshelf and sprang out with an ‘AHA! Caught you!’

Her voice turned into a screech as she saw them.

The two hairy rodents, startled by the interruption, scampered away, tails wagging.


©Shailaja V

Photo Copyright: Randy Mazie

Word count: 100

Written for the Rochelle Weisoff Fields’ Friday Fictioneers-

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