An Alphabet Dialogue -#amwriting

Maya sat with her hands on her lap, wondering how to begin.  Shekar didn’t notice anything until she cleared her throat.

I want to discuss something , Shekar.

Not looking up from his crossword, Shekar merely said, Hm?

It’s a case of Adultery and I need your advice.

Curiosity piqued, he looked up. Okay, go on?

There’s this couple I’m seeing. Let’s just say things aren’t looking good for them. In fact, things are pretty bleak.

Are you sure you can talk about it? Won’t it violate the confidentiality clause?

Not if I leave out the details and stick to hypotheticals.

Fine. So, is it an extra marital affair?

That’s the thing. It isn’t, really. It’s more of a Fling.

Ah, okay. Still, must be hard on the couple. Does the Guilty party feel worried?

I doubt it. He seems to actually enjoy the diversion.

Oh, it’s the man, is it?

Yes. The illicit nature of the relationship seems to keep him happy.

And, you think he’s Justified?

She’s actually done all that she can to Keep him happy.

Ah, but is there Love? Those two things are mutually exclusive, you know.

Love and being happy? How?

Well, keeping somebody happy would imply that you are making an effort, while love, true love, means it’s effortless.

I suppose that’s what you call a Marriage, then, said Maya wryly.

Which part?

You decide.

Anyway, the point is, does he still Need her? I mean, does she complete him? Perhaps that is why he started looking elsewhere.

Oh, he needs her. Just not sure if it goes beyond her Organising his things, putting his life in Order and Observing the decorum of their marital state.

Perhaps, she has to dress more Provocatively, he said with a twinkle.

Maya rolled her eyes. Really? Is that what your eminently male mind suggests? No ,you know what is the real Question here, isn’t it?


Is the Relationship over or worth saving?

That depends. Can he resist Temptation and stay away from the object of his affections?

He could if he tried. Or maybe she needs to issue an ultimatum: The ‘Her or me’ scenario.

Ooh,I like that. Ask him which he Values more.

So, it is a winner, agreed?

Yes! Absolutely. Preferably, tell him to extricate himself from the fling before it gets too serious.

She could help him there. Yank out the rug from under him and tell him what he loses if he doesn’t choose her.

Perfect! That will zap him and leave him with no choice.

Maya’s eyes gleamed with a strange light at the end of this discussion.

So, we’re in agreement.

 Shekar, I hereby command you to choose me over that Mistress in your arms.

Otherwise, you and your precious i-Pad can help each other sleep on this couch, night after night!

Pic courtesy: Pixabay
Pic courtesy: Pixabay

Footnote: A-Z covered in one post 🙂


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17 thoughts on “An Alphabet Dialogue -#amwriting

  1. Written very well and holds the interest as well. Well everyone is facing this but at my age my husband is glued to his computer and I to my quiling. Silent agreement!

  2. Delightful and cleverly crafted from A-Z, Shailaja!

    I would like to relate ton something you wrote: “Well, keeping somebody happy would imply that you are making an effort, while love, true love, means it’s effortless.”

    How romantic … , but is true love really effortless? I have yet to know a parent, who will claim that loving their children is effortless – life is continually challenging us. I am not saying that parents doubt their love of their children, but even unconditional love is demanding. And so it is re: love to a partner, to a friend and most of all towards ourselves. We invest heaps of effort to overcome fears, disappointments and frustrations.

    Just food for thought.
    HUGS <3

  3. Hahahaha! I loved this one. Gonna show this post with a funny bone to hubby dearest whose attention to his mobile and laptop seem to be increasing with every passing day. 😛

  4. haha this was great Shailaja… Loved it…I kind of had an inkling where this was going..You know I gave an ultimatum about the laptop and mobile to my husband two weeks back…So far so good 😉

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