At great cost


“For you, a special price, Sir! It’s a round $500.”

Money exchanged sticky hands.

Dark skin gleaming, Thursday hugged his family and walked away with his new master.

Hope for a new dawn lingered in his breast. Hope against hope.

~ Circa 1860

©Shailaja V

Word count: 42

29 thoughts on “At great cost

  1. I’ve always had hope, but in my darkest hours I’ve always been pretty lucky. Not sure I would be able to summon hope if I found myself in Thursday’s place. This was very moving.

  2. Thursday’s a better man than I; pretty sure I wouldn’t be hopeful or excited after being ripped away from a family I’d probably never see again, knowing they too could be sold apart, beaten to death or raped and nobody would care. Maybe if I pretend he was sold to an abolitionist or something, and he’s moving to New York?

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