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He saw her dance every evening. Unfettered, like the wings of a bird that lifted free from the trap set by gravity, she rose effortlessly through the air.

He watched as her form curved and moved in sinewy motion, leaping gracefully through the air much like a swan in flight.

Each day, the moves changed. Every time, it was like watching a new dancer take centre stage and have the adoring glance of her admirer light upon her being.

He knew she was unattainable but it mattered not to him. All he did was wait for the fluid, formless being to assail his senses and he lapsed into complete and total bliss.

Every evening. At the stroke of 5 p.m, he sat in the cozy confines of his verandah and gazed at theΒ muse rising from Β his hands.

She was none other than steam- steam from his comforting cup of coffee that chased his blues away, one second at a time.



A-Z Challenge 2015

My theme for the Challenge this year is

Alternate Β Angles



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