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Heads turned to look at her every single day. People stopped talking on their phones, kids stopped swinging in the park, women stopped their shopping and turned to stare.

She blushed when it happened.  Gripping her dad’s hand as tightly as she could, she flashed her winning smile at the ones who stopped to stare. They always looked away when she caught them in the act. The blatant manner in which they did it wasn’t something they were aware of.

“They are such nice people, Papa,” she said one day. Her dad grinned at her and asked, ‘Why do you say that, my precious?’

“They always stop and look at me. Even in their rush to get somewhere. Why do they look, Papa?”

Taking her chin in his hand, he looked fondly at the skin that had been burnt off, the invisible eyebrows and the peeling layers on his daughter’s face a stark testimony to the horrific accident from six months ago.

‘Because you are beautiful, my dear. Just the way you are.’


A-Z Challenge 2015

My theme for the Challenge this year is

Alternate  Angles

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