Black Ink- #FlashFiction

You have ten seconds and your time starts….NOW!

The judge’s hand dropped in a slicing motion, flagging off the event that everyone had been waiting for.

Heather’s head swiveled around to see everyone bent over their laptops, typing away feverishly, their eyes darting frantically to the ticking counter in front of them. Seven of the best Mystery writers were competing for the Grand Prize- a book to be released in their name with a leading publishing house. All they needed was that elusive ‘it’ factor and this was the final step- a short bit written under pressure, to test creativity.

With a sigh, she typed a single line, drew a deep breath and sucked on the tip of her pen.

As the bell rang out shrilly, it drowned out the sound of Heather’s hand dropping by her side. All that remained was the lone sentence displayed on her laptop: With this poisoned quill, my life I take, whereas my words will stay.

 ©Shailaja V
Picture from Wikimedia


Week 34
Prompt: “You have ten seconds . . . “

Prompt courtesy: 2014 Flash Fiction Challenge by the very talented Thain In Vain


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  1. Brilliant! This is one of your best I’ve read so far Shailaja. Love the gist I gathered from it: The best part about written words is that they never die.

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