Blog Comments — Why Do We Reply?

Okay people. Sometimes, someone else does a far better job of saying what you wanted to say. (Don’t you just hate that?) Ha, I’m kidding, of course.

But, this is a beautiful post and sort of a golden rule book for bloggers; that is, if you believe in rules for bloggers, which you shouldn’t, because they’re all made up anyway. SSHH! That’s our secret!

So, yes, I reply to comments- sometimes days later, weeks later and (gasp!), a year later. But I am going to let go of the guilt now, because, this thing called blogging? It’s fun!

Read the full post by Lemon Shark aka Sarah Brentyn here: Blog Comments- Why do we reply?

13 thoughts on “Blog Comments — Why Do We Reply?

  1. Loved the re-blog. She has articulated this so well.

    Also, yeah, blogging is about having fun. I remind myself about that when I fall into the guilt trap. 🙂

  2. Thanks for reblogging. I’m honored. (Seriously. I’ve never reblogged anyone. I should get on that.) I’m glad you liked the post so much. Let go of the guilt. We cannot live like that. Not with guilt over blogs. <3

    Anyway, despite the irony, I have to get back to my own post and, you know, reply to people's comments. 😉

  3. Both leaving and replying to comments in a timely fashion is important. [Adding a meaningful comment to the list too]. If someone takes the effort to read and then comment, it’s only fair we reciprocate too. It’s all about the engagement, isn’t it

    1. Only partly agree with the timely fashion. Most times I don’t get time to reply. I do like the idea of blitzing a blog on some days. Some readers do that and it is truly gratifying. Adding meaningful comments are a given, unless you can’t say much more than beautiful or lovely because that’s all that the post warrants anyway. Engagement

      1. Timely fashion, in the sense that you reply sooner than later. There is certainly a difference in replying a few days later and months later, wouldn’t you agree? I am not a fan of blog blitzing but seems like it works for quite a few.

  4. I love it when someone comments on my blog. I feel first he has read the post, and second he liked it, third he liked it so much, he commented, and fourth – after commenting, he decided to share it. Thus engaged to the blog.

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