Blog if you must- A retake :)

If you have heard of the delightfully heartfelt poem ‘Dust if you Must’ by Rose Milligan, then you will be able to relate to my retake on the same.

Read the original here, if you haven’t!

And now, for my twist on the same poem 😀

Blog if you Must

Blog if you must, but wouldn’t it be better
To write when you want to
Instead of when you have to
Relish the luxury of want over should?

Blog if you must, but there’s not much time,
With other blogs to visit, comments to write;
Trolls to bear, and naysayers to hear;
Food to cook and a home to set right.

Blog if you must, but Life calls your name
With a whisper in the wind and thunder in the skies
News anchors to endure, Bickering kids to separate
These days always call your name!

Blog if you must, and keep in mind,
Your words can only do so much
They can inspire, tickle and do some such;
Your blog will live on, even while you rust.

– Shailaja Vishwanath


21 thoughts on “Blog if you must- A retake :)

  1. Lovely poem Shailaja ;-).I like the way you play with words
    :-).True Blog if you must the Thought in itself is brilliant and Dust if you must is sweet poem.

  2. Beautiful! So apt for us bloggers…so many forces pulling is in all different directions..we wish to blog but where is the time! And yes our blogs will definitely live on 🙂

  3. I absolutely loved ‘Dust if you must’ when i first read it. And your retake on the same is so apt for us bloggers/writers. There are so many responsibilities around but its the simple pleasures of following your passion that makes your life so much more meaningful even after you’re gone.

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