Break free- #55WordChallenge

Tears streaming down his face, he looked dejectedly at his reflection in the water.

I can’t do this anymore, he whispered inaudibly.

Yes, you can, replied Kate. Release yourself from the mind’s shackles, Will.

He lifted two-year-old Diane into his arms and blew a kiss to the memory of her mother, Kate. Her voice lingered.


©Shailaja V

Word count: 55


This is a  post written in response to :

Week 16 of the 55 Word Challenge and uses the  picture prompt below

All pictures are copyright of the 55 Word Challenge

Man in Chains

17 thoughts on “Break free- #55WordChallenge

  1. You have managed to pack so much in these 55 words, Shailaja. Very thoughtfully done. You have left me very curious about who, what, why, how of this piece 🙂

  2. Easier said than done. But yes it sure is liberating when one manages to break the shackles of mind.
    Good one Shailaja 🙂

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