Brittle Heart- Light and Shade Challenge

Oh my brittle heart
This must be so hard

When, you ask me, about taking
possession of that House of Numbers;
The one where the actors in sleeping exile
Listened to their unsung swan songs.

They must have been thin men
Hunted looks and worn out faces
after their careers took a crash

And I realise that they are but
Ashes of us
In a different place;
Our hopes, our dreams
Our fun, unreal mantras. . .

Dorian paused.

Meg gaped at him, open-mouthed in awe. That was splendid!

Now, how do I work in Julian’s eyes and Wheatfields? wondered Dorian


©Shailaja V

Word count: 100


Written for the Light and Shade Challengelightandshade logo

This Friday’s picture prompt is given above

Writers must attempt a piece of fact/fiction/poetry in 100 words or less

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4 thoughts on “Brittle Heart- Light and Shade Challenge

  1. very cleverly days have become very busy of late and I’m finding it hard to meet the daily challenge. I’ve decided to take it as it comes because it will rob me of the pleasure to write, otherwise.

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