Broken but beautiful #Poetry


I’ve closed my eyes and tried to sleep
But the images flicker beneath shuttered lids.

Songs, music, a happy beat
Punctured by the echoing shots
Smoke in the air
My hair
My belly
My bloodied wrists.

I lay still
Dared not breathe
Lest he found me
And shot me again.

Waiting for the cops
To tell me
It was all clear
When I could stand and see
All about me
Remnants of the people who used to be.

And I put my head in my hands and cry
What sin was it of mine?
That I housed people
Who merely loved:
Loved and nothing more.

They can’t stop me.
So I rise.
This is Orlando speaking
And I tell you
You’ll have to shoot more than us
You’ll have to cut through the swathes of love
And the ties of compassion
Yet you can’t touch me.

I am Orlando.


25 thoughts on “Broken but beautiful #Poetry

  1. A very touching poem. What happened in Orlando is very sad and scary. Whatever happened to humanity?! Hoping dearly that love and acceptance will be restored in this world.

  2. Such a touching tribute, and from so far away. Thank you for your compassion, Shailaja. I love the progression of “smoke in the air / my hair / my belly / my bloodied wrists” – the internal rhyme and the alliteration. It rolls beautifully off the tongue.

  3. Beautiful verse. So touching. ‘Remnants of the people who used to be’ is one the most soul touching lines I have ever read Shailaja. So unfortunate that violence continues to dominate the minds of people as the easiest means to seek a way out.

  4. It’s weird that people are finding people who are different weird. It’s horrible that people are taking recourse to guns and death to harm people, to prove a futile point. It’s shocking that some of us human beings can’t be tolerant anymore.

    Damn, I wonder where our world will go in the near future😞

  5. It is so ironic… one inhumane act of terror unleashes a sea of humanity. Strangers from all walks of life come together to rebuild what was broken. There may be a lot of evil in the world, but the good still outweighs it.

  6. Does one value life anymore? One moment we are there and the next moment it’s all over! And why? Because someone fancied the sight of blood on innocent souls! Because someone decided to push God aside and take over!
    A touching post, Shailaja!

    1. ‘Push God aside and take over’. So well said. How can anyone do this? Who gives them the authority? Sandy Hook, Peshawar, every single place my heart breaks again.

  7. I’m still trying to come to terms with what happened and you already have a post about it! πŸ˜€

    It’s really sad what is happening. Very very.

  8. It broke my heart to read about the shootings.. specially Christina Grimmie. I burst out crying in the car park when I heard the news. It’s such a terrible loss. So many lives!! Orlando is bleeding. Very touching write.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I broke down when I heard her singing Hello. Such a wonderful beautiful soul. Snatched away. Makes no sense. None at all.

  9. Poignant, and moving. I do not know how else to put it. It’s sad how some people do not value life any more. Or rather, how those lives they take do not ‘fit’ with ‘their idea of life’. πŸ™

    1. I don’t know, Vinay. Honestly. Some days it seems futile to wake up. What sin have they committed? Any of them? The world makes no sense. Just broken today. πŸ™

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