Camouflage #Poetry


With her I laugh,
Shed my fears
Shrug them off
Like an itchy cardigan too old for wear.With him I smile,
That prim and proper glance
Which won’t betray
The scorn I feel on my soul like a cheese greater.

With them I chuckle,
That social nicety
Which is found in tea parties
With nothing to protect us
From the discomfort of intolerable company.

With us I cry,
For you’re the one soul
That knows every inch of naked fear
Every grain of inadequacy
That makes us one.

For you are me
And I am you
– The reflection in the mirror.

-Shailaja, 2015

7 thoughts on “Camouflage #Poetry

  1. I can relate to the each of the lines. The reflection telling me my inadequacies and fears and also reflecting with me on the times when I believed I wont be able to sustain long but looking back it feels like previous life. And then the tears stop flowing waiting to get wiped.

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