Campfire Story- #Friday #Fictioneers

Eva swatted the mosquitoes away and drew closer to the crackling flames at the campsite. Across from her, Danny was narrating a ghost story about a werewolf or a vampire. She could never remember which was which.

She looked curiously around the group huddled there. Six adults and they were all hanging on Danny’s every word. Eva was the only one who was unaffected. Stories like this had no impact on her whatsoever.

But, that glow in the distance caught her fancy and she leaped to her feet.

Eva, no! Danny’s voice called out sternly. Dejected, she obeyed, dropping her chin on her paws.

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Β©Shailaja V

Word count: 104
Written for the Friday Fictioneers- Click here to read the prompt and here to read the other entries in the link-up.
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30 thoughts on “Campfire Story- #Friday #Fictioneers

  1. Dear Shailaja, Great story and poor doggie – did he burn his tale? Ouch – I hear that really hurts and the balm they put on the burn tastes awful. Enjoyed it a lot!
    Nan πŸ™‚

  2. nice one πŸ™‚ Makes me wonder if Snoopy understands what I say… who am I kidding? He understands everything… he just chooses not to obey.

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