Shrill, piercing, strangely appealing

It makes for a different harmony

Scurrying, scampering, all around me, running

My mates make a beeline for the melody

Falling back, I try to cease and desist

But these notes I cannot resist

They’re the  Piper’s call


©Shailaja V
Word count: 42
Picture courtesy: Shutterstock
Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

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46 thoughts on “Can you hear it?- #Yeahwrite Gargleblaster

  1. Wonderful work. Incredible imagery.

    However unlike a few of the others I have to wonder if the speaker is a rat or one of the children? The imagery of “Scurrying, scampering” does seem to imply rodent but I can picture it fitting a bunch of kids at play also.

  2. I really like this take on the tale. It could be a good story about the ones who resisted! That would be an interesting group to read more about!

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