Workouts for Fitness and Health: Find your type

Workouts for Fitness and Health: Find your type

Guest post by Rajlakshmi Boruah

What can I say about this woman? That she’s as flexible as a rubber ball, can do crazy Yoga moves that a cat would envy, takes incredible pictures, writes fluid poetry? Okay, maybe this space isn’t enough to do justice to her. She’s an incredible person, a lovely blogger and a fitness enthusiast. Today, I am pleased to welcome her at The Moving Quill to share her tips on fitness and workouts. Thank you, Rajlakshmi for agreeing to write this lovely post for my blog ¬†ūüôā



I have noticed that many of my friends often give up exercising after starting a routine because they do not see any results. Knowing your body type is a great way to understand how much more effort one needs to exert to reach a fitness goal. Body types are often taken into consideration while designing a workout routine.

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The major types include:

Endomorphs¬†‚Äď Wider/thicker Joints and high tendency to store body fats

Mesomorphs¬†‚Äď Athletic, Muscular and high metabolism

Ectomorphs¬†‚Äď Skinny and difficulty in forming muscles

Workouts for fitness
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Many do not conform to only one but are a combination of two body types like endo-mesomorphs or ecto-mesomorphs. You can find out your body type – here

Not everybody is same. Those with athletic body type will find it easier to lose weight than Endomorphs. With correct diet and a fitness regime, Endomorphs too can change their body type. So don’t lose heart if your friends are raving about their muscle gain or weight loss, all you need to do is set a realistic goal according to your body type and work tirelessly towards it. I know, easier said than done. But then, Fitness is a lifestyle choice. Remember – “Making excuses burns ZERO calories”. Even a low amount of exercise is better than no exercise at all.

If you are just getting started or like me, love to workout at your own pace, here are some great ways to include a fitness regime in your life.

WalkingBurns about 125 to 160 calories in an hour, depending on body weight.

Plug in some peppy music, wear a pair of good walking shoes, and walk out, into a park or a hillside. Walking is an excellent way to maintain the overall health. Once you have fixed a routine, take it notch higher and start jogging or running. Jogging will help you lose about 330 to 435 calories in an hour. One effective way to do this is by including high intensity bouts followed by low intensity, eg. sprint for 20-30 secs and then walk for 60 secs.

Skipping – Jump rope and a great pair of shock absorbing shoes is enough to lose calories quickly. Skipping burns 10 calories per minute, in addition, it strengthens your legs and is an excellent cardio workout.

Dancing/Zumba – Now who doesn’t love to dance, be it classical or hip hop or good old Bollywood. Just put on some music and dance your heart out. Not only it will make you happy, but in the process you would have lost good amount of calories too.

Workout Regime – I am an absolute fan of workout videos on Youtube. It has immensely helped me in maintaining a fitness schedule within the comforts of my home. BeFit, Blogilates, FitnessBlender are few of the many channels that offer great workout routines. You can press pause whenever you feel the burn and then continue after catching your breath. These include Leg workouts like Lunges, Squats, Calf Raises, Arm workouts, Abs workout – in short you can pick any video and get started. Don’t forget to warm up.

Yoga РYoga helps in burning about 170 calories in an hour, depending on the weight of the person. Although, this might not help you to quickly lose weight, Yoga is undoubtedly an excellent practice for the overall well being of the body and mind. Improving flexibility, strengthening body parts, regulating breathing, toning muscles, improving blood circulation, better sleep, increasing focus Рthe list goes on and on.

Cycling, Swimming and Indoor Rock Climbing are few more ways to burn calories and remain fit. In addition, eat nutritional meals, control potions and drink lots of water.

‚ÄúWeight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumb bell; it starts in your head with a decision.‚ÄĚ –¬†Toni Sorenson

So take charge of your body today!

Note: Please consult a physician before beginning a new exercise program.


About Rajlakshmi:¬†She is a Software Engineer, who suffers from a serious condition of Wanderlust. Apart from coding bugs for livelihood, she is a wannabe Travel/Lifestyle blogger, self-taught Yogi, creative writer, Papercrafter, collects more books than she can read and is somehow ‚Äėunknowingly‚Äô involved in Kitchen ‚ÄėKatastrophes‚Äô. Few of her articles have been¬†published in Viewspaper and other E-zines, received honorable mention in International Poetry Competition and she also has a¬†poem published in an Anthology called ‘Lovelets’.


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