The Friends I need #Poetry


Tell me I’m wrong
When I hurt someone and
My words cut through the air
Raking them over the coals.

Tell me I’m right
When I stand up
For what I believe in
And laud those who do.

Show me you care
When I pour my heart out
Needing a shoulder to cry on
And a willing ear.

Show me you care more
When you stop me
From ranting without pause
On someone who’s hurt me.

Lift me up
From the depth of self pity
The drudgery of remorse
And the cesspool of judgement.

Wash me clean
Of the stains of guilt
The mark of humiliation
And the streaks of hollow gloom.

Stand by me
When I need you;
Stand before me
When I need you to.

In each friend I make
Both in virtual land
And the world of the real
There’s a lesson I learn:

We get the Friends we deserve.