You don’t belong
You don’t gel
with the things that we say
Or the gossip we tell.

You can’t know
What it feels like
To whisper impish jokes
Or make crude noises.

You sit there
Far away
By that lonesome tree
And just stay the hell away.

We don’t want you
We don’t need you
We get by just fine
Without your silly smile.

Move, vamoose, make way
Take your bundle of despair
Walk a mile or a furlong
Just call it a day.


Hugging myself with these vapid memories
the cruel barbs
the haunting taunts
I walk in silence.

Never one for cliques
Never one for groups
That couldn’t open up
To make space for one extra face.

And so I left
Not wanting to belong
To a world that made
No sense and had no bond.

Sitting in the sun
My heart dancing in the rain
I think I’ve found myΒ space
In this roomΒ I call my own piece of heaven.

~Shailaja V, 2015

24 thoughts on “Clique-ty Click – #Poem

  1. isn’t it strange how so many people feel dejected and unhappy… and feel they don’t belong to the crowd. I guess we all go through it at some point in our lives… some move on to different friend zone, some find solace in their solitude. I am lucky I have a big fall back group of friends, and we all had initially met through our company’s blogging platform. It’s beautiful how writing connects people.

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