Confrontation- Five Sentence Fiction

Sheila despised that bunch of youths who hovered near the taxicab stand every morning, waiting for her to pass by, so they could hoot and whistle each time.

The next day was different.

As she walked down the familiar track, she saw young Jai, attired in his starched school uniform, his 7-year-old face set in a grim expression.

With both feet planted firmly on the ground, he stood and stared at the louts unflinchingly until they looked away in embarrassment and shuffled their feet.

The next second, Jai turned and threw a beautiful smile at Sheila with a look that said more than words ever could have.


Written for Five Sentence Fiction. This week’s prompt is the word: Fearless

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21 thoughts on “Confrontation- Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Loved your 5 sentence story, Shailaja. Yay for Jai! You established him as such a strong character and I could just picture him confronting the bullies.

  2. This is nice :). Didn’t know that there was something like 5 sentence fiction. Maybe 55 character and 5 sentence fiction, both come in the category of flash fiction is it?

      1. Hmm sounds interesting. Guess should try coming up with something like this since normally I find it really difficult to say a lot in so few words :D.

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