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  1. I am curious to know what and how did you manage the secondary account as I tried it once and FB closed my account saying the same person can’t have two accounts.

    Was your blog page on your personal account or secondary account ?

    1. Hey Manisha, I created a separate account with a different email address and my maiden name. My blog pages can be moderated through both accounts. Both have admin access.

  2. I think I should go for it…
    I don’t think I can…
    Oh I’ll not scroll down the news feed…
    Damn I just did!

    Hmmm…u got lots of will power dear! Fun post this! And u am still considering deactivating! :-/

  3. Probably gonna see me do this pretty soon for different reasons… but yes, I totally agree with the idea and reasoning behind this

  4. I have a FB problem. More like a social networking problem. It can override much more important tasks. As of now, I time myself. 1 hour in a day. Not several times a day. Just one block of time. This works well for the most part. I have had to remove the phone updates though. But there are some weeks when there is so much to do (outside of the virtual world) that deactivation is more effective a measure to keep me on task. You make this sound so easy. I envy your will power.

  5. I do agree about me time but I have never deactivated FB account. Same reasons of blog page et.al but minimised my time on FB which also gave rise to above questions 😛
    anyway if it gives u ample of time and u r relaxed of course it is fine to do it. those images were funny

  6. It’s taken 3 years but it’s finally registered with most of my friends that I do not use Facebook. Never have. 🙂 On the one hand, I object to the whole data-hoover thing, on the other hand, I’m with you, I know it would take up time that could be used far more productively.

      1. True, for some things social media — esp FaceBook — may be necessary. I’ve been told a few times I should get a FB account for professional purposes / for the job market, but I just can’t get myself to do it. 🙂

  7. You know my thoughts on this subject but here I go again to reiterate. I prefer just staying off from time to time, rather than deactivating. But I know you do better with a “plan” so to each her own :P. I’m an ace at ignoring notifications during the time I’m offline, and only answer messages cos if anything’s that important folks will try harder to get in touch ;).
    P.S: I get email notifications only for tags so that doesn’t drive me too crazy as well.

  8. I think it is fantastic. I don’t do it every month but I deactivate my profile too. These days I am successfully staying away from FB every weekend. Yes, the amount of time you salvage is mindblowing. 🙂 You are one of the saner people on my TL if that matters. Hey, you can do away with FB notifications in your emails. I have done that for almost all notifications.

  9. I deactivated my account for sort of similar reasons almost 2 years back. I haven’t found a good enough reason to get back. The people I connect with daily and want to connect with find a way to be in touch. I realised that the rest didn’t really matter. Life has been better post-FB Kudos to you 🙂

  10. That sounds like a mini miracle to me. One day, I’ll be as brave as you and detach myself from the Matrix.

    One day.

    For now, I need to refresh the news feed…there must be some new cat videos, and I wouldn’t want to miss them!

  11. I like your idea, Shailaja, but, I miss you when you are gone! Not that we chat on a daily basis, but, something seems amiss during those few days.
    As for me, I have, thankfully, been strong enough to keep myself from getting addicted to FB . But, the day I feel I am getting hooked, I will follow you and disappear! 🙂

  12. I have a FB problem too. It’s so distracting. But so far I haven’t gone inactive. It’s hard, especially recently since I moved and most of my friends are there.

  13. Ah, I’ve been toying with idea of deactivating my Facebook account for a while now. Haven’t mustered the courage though 😉 Lucky you. By the way, are you back on Facebook again? Oops… I did a Beloo here…was actually confused if you’re back or not 😉

  14. Ha ha, one cannot deactivate and hold it in when it comes to FB. That’s why when I had enough of it, I deleted my account almost 3 years back and not once have I regretted it 🙂

    1. Oh but i have 😉 Fourth month in a row, now 🙂 Very successful. Plus the key is moderation. Now I’ve learnt to handle the Facebook scene without getting sucked in. I have incredible friends on Facebook, so i doubt I’ll delete the account 🙂

  15. So are you active now? Or deactivated still? 🙂 See, I didn’t even notice…hahahaha…And as Sid says, those “1000 friends” might need a bit of rethinking!

  16. First a fall ,I would like appreciate you for attempting to deactivate yourself from the social media network.I personally tried to avoid being on FB for the longest period but failed as undue pressure came from my set of Videshi Cousins.Alas ! I quiet arguing with them and ended up having an account in FB .But I want to know , how does it feel to live without everyday networking 🙂 .Hats off to you for taking this brave step .Shailaja 🙂

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