Deep Desire- ABC Wednesday



Drawn by the scent, she crept forward. Her eyes skimmed the area for any sign of activity. Sensing none, she daringly zipped across the floor, aiming for the delectable prize.

Driven by desire she stood looking at the item, sitting above her head.

Delicately, she put one hand out and touched it with her fingertips. Despair broke out on her face as she realised that it was just out of reach.

Determined to get it, she defiantly stepped onto the low divan, which was off limits for her.

Delight now lit up her features as her chubby fingers closed around the decorative and delicious cupcake. With a deep sigh, her darling cheeks puffed up, content with the deed she had done.

©Shailaja V


Linking this up with ABC Wednesday for the letter ‘D’ curated by the lovely Denise Nesbitt

This is the 15th installment of the ABC Wednesday series. Isn’t that something?

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19 thoughts on “Deep Desire- ABC Wednesday

  1. Such a delight to read, Shailaja 🙂
    Ending is super! Deed successful!
    She got what she desired – the delicious cupcake 🙂

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