Yesterday, I wrote a post on my parenting blog titled ‘My Story as a Survivor of Depression‘.

By evening, the post had notched up over a 100 shares on Facebook and it had crept up to close to 200 by this morning, a situation I had never anticipated, but truly appreciated.

To be honest, I wasn’t prepared for the outpouring of love, support, empathy and most importantly, stories of fellow survivors or people who were still suffering silently. Facebook messages, Twitter retweets and e-mails came to my inbox as a reinforcement that some things need to be shared, even if they are deeply personal, simply because they can help someone, somewhere deal with the darkness that they are facing.

This was technically not the first time that I had shared my tale. I had fiction-alised it on this blog and written it as a three-part story and changed names, details, locations so people would connect to the story and not link it to me necessarily. It took me many years (13 to be precise) to work up the courage to write my real tale.

Depression can take things out of you but it can also help you share something useful for all those who are alone, just to show that they are, in fact, never really alone.


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32 thoughts on “Depression- My salvation #MicroblogMondays

  1. Going to read your post now. But must say you are really brave woman. It’s one thing to accept that one is going through such a phase of depression and it’s another to come out of it, share with the world and thus be strong enough to handle life’s challenges. Kudos to you :).

  2. I’m so glad that you shared it. One of my students is trying to support his friend at Yale who just lost her roommate to suicide … he has been wondering how we can help people who feel like they’re alone … remind them how much they are held, and loved, and supported. Surviving is something we do for the rest of our lives … and we need those reminders sometimes to get through the hard places.


    1. Loving those last words: ‘Surviving is something we do for the rest of our lives’. We need to do more than that, of course. Live life to the fullest. I hope your student is able to comfort his friend well enough to help her heal. <3

  3. I think whenever someone shares a story about depression, it helps give others a lifesaver to cling to; to help put words to their own thoughts. Thank you for posting it.

  4. Stopped by from today’s Microblog Monday page — glad I did.

    I, too, struggle with depression. It’s a tough gig sometimes, but it does make you stronger. Thank you for sharing your story, and even just being open about your depression. The honesty, the openness by people who are able to do it is what will, eventually, end the stigma against this and other illnesses like anxiety and ptsd. Good work!

  5. so true what you say mam.. depression is something we all sometimes dont see in others .. and often it goes unnoticed.. I am seeing it from very close quarters at the moment

    my best wishes always ..

  6. Depression is a such a things that will kill us .Its only our will to conquered it with support of elders and family .Kudos Shailaja V for over coming it .Your story reminds me of similar incident that happened to young couples who were married to each other 30 years ago .And soon after the marriage she got a child who was born with slight trouble .but through their greet and determination they had cover come this thing called Depression

  7. I did guess when I read your three-part story. It gave me goosebumps when I had read it and now to realize with finality that you were very much in protagonist’s shoes fills me with much awe for you! Hugs and <3

  8. Congrats Shailaja. Depression affects many of us but believe we gotta keep a check by going with the flow. Let’s go easy. It’s tough and been through unwanted thoughts but working on it.

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