The war was over.

Silence covered the battleground
Punctured only by staccato whispers
Bouncing off the bullet-ridden walls.

Women transformed
Into widows
as they prodded dead boots
and wiped bloodied foreheads.

The Angel of Death muttered,
‘I didn’t sign up for this.’

God whispered, ‘Me neither.’


Top Row for this post PLUS Editor’s Pick!

Slightly overwhelmed by the beautiful note that went with the Editor’s Pick for this piece!

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37 thoughts on “Desolation- A Microstory

  1. The conversation between the Angel of Death and God is mind-numbing. The realities of war are too horrible to be ignored, and I earnestly pray and hope that all this pain and suffering ends.
    Congratulations on the YeahWrite Award, Shailaja! A powerpacked microstory, indeed 🙂

  2. The grim reality of modern day war and destruction. Reminded me of an article I was reading yesterday on the aftermath of 9/11. Where people prodded over boots in search of their loved ones!!!

    1. I don’t even know why that image came to me the way it did and I was writing this late last night so I was struggling with the visualisation. But somehow, it stuck and I guess finally ended up the way it has.

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