Disdain without regrets

“Abandoned in an alley,

wrapped in a creamy-white shawl;

Not a roof, not a shelter;

Not even a pacifier to stop my cries.

What makes you think she cares?”

She adjusted the fishnet stockings and hitched up the mini skirt, eyeing me.

©Shailaja V

Word count: 42

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30 thoughts on “Disdain without regrets

  1. I get the impression that daughter and mother have just found each other after all those years. That hitching of the skirt strikes me as discomfort, a need for a physical action to protect the listener from her daughter’s feelings. Very well drawn. (But I might be completely wrong.)

  2. You create strong imagery – though the picture is great – with just your words alone Shailaja! 😉 <3

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