Does your blog reflect your persona?

Blogging is a very intuitive act for me, most of the time. It is akin to writing in the sense that I blog because I like to blog. A series of thoughts have led me to believe, however, that there may be more to the art of blogging than just putting thoughts down for everyone to read.

So, it comes down to the question: Does your blog reflect your persona?

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This would be so much easier to answer if I had just one blog, instead of three. Nevertheless, I’m going to give it a go. As I see it, each blog represents a different side of me, the person and it’s fascinating to see what emerges from all the analysis.

You are not one person, but three:

(i) The one you think you are;
(ii) The one others think you are
(iii) The one you really are

-Sri Satya Sai Baba

This is probably one of my most favourite quotes from my spiritual guru and guide and seems to sum up what I feel about my blogging persona.

The Moving Quill

A part of me believes that this blog, the one you’re reading right now, is what I think of myself- an aspiring writer of sorts. I know I am far from being an actual writer, but it doesn’t stop me from sharing tidbits on writing, the process, the agony and the ecstasy.

This blog also reflects the experimental me- the one who ventures into different types of writing: non-fiction, fiction, poetry, flash fiction and the writing process itself.

The stats and numbers on this blog impact me the most, to be honest. I am not talking about how many views per month or how many likes and comments I’ve earned, but finding out which posts resonate more and working on similar posts. In that sense, this blog is a very reader-oriented one. I am interested greatly in what moves you, what touches you and how I can be a part of that experience through my writing.


This is the youngest of all my blogs, just a little over a year to be exact. It reflects what I believe others think of me: someone who enjoys the art of blogging. It’s not untrue, either.

This blog is the one where I share blogging tips and writing prompts. It’s where bloggers come together to discuss and brainstorm over ideas and issues that we all face. For me, blogging is a highly team-driven activity, where we each help one another, boost morale and encourage better blogging practices.

The stats and numbers here don’t really affect me, to be honest. I’m glad to share whatever I can and if someone benefits, then well that’s a bonus.

Diary of a Doting Mom

With that, we come to the first of my blogs and the reason that I began blogging. It’s the most darling of all three blogs. It represents my comforter and my blanket in times of insecurity. Here, I blog on a subject very close to my heart- parenting and life lessons.

The success of this blog (by that, I mean the emotional success, not the awards/accolades it’s received) is what pushed me to start my other two blogs. The most interesting thing here is this: I don’t fret over page views, shares, likes or comments on this blog the way I do over my writer blog.

What I share is primarily to help other parents who may be facing similar situations in their lives. It’s the reason why I think long and hard before doing reviews, promotions or sponsored posts on the parenting blog. I don’t want to take away from the essence of it all.

So, as you can guess, this blog is probably the best reflection of who I really am.

What do you think?

Do your blogs reflect your persona?

42 thoughts on “Does your blog reflect your persona?

  1. I believe my blog is an extension of me – and I work very hard to ensure that it remains so. Once you start writing it is so easy to get distracted, swayed etc. But I try to stick to my core beliefs and principles. My writing has changed reflect what the readers like to read, but I always stick to my core philosophy.

    As far as your blogs go Shailaja, I think each of it is a part of you as much as you are a part of them .

  2. I would think my site reflects me, as i love nature and most of my posts are from travel category now (after sponsored content) 🙂

    I guess if we write our heart out, it is bound to happen!

  3. I would think that the blog does reflect me but not the ‘whole’ me. I dont write too much about me, but yes more on my interests. But the interests also reflect to some extent on the personality of the blogger 🙂

  4. I guess yes, my blog do reflect a part of me if not whole of me. I think it’s true for most of us. The characters we have in our stories, the feelings penned down in a poem, the opinions we pour out in a rant, are all part of who we are or who we want to be. Isn’t it?

    1. That’s the point though, isn’t it? I don’t rant on my blogs. I don’t think blogs should be used for personal rants. They are tools of expression and we can do so much good with it. Why use it as a ranting ground when a phone call to a close friend can do it so much better?

      Then again, I don’t believe in telling people what to write on their blogs. It’s their blog 🙂 So if you are comfortable with that persona, then I guess that is all that matters.

  5. A very thought provoking post for a Monday morning. Definitely got me pondering about my blogging persona. I really liked that quote. It’s so true about the three identities.

    Often I think I am perceived quite differently from what I really am. That happens in real life, too as I’m often seen as aloof when really I am shy or distracted.

    You are amazing how you keep juggling those 3 such different blogs. I find it hard to keep writing regularly for one blog. I don’t pay any attention to stats and don’t understand them anyhow. Numbers never have interested me so the idea of page views etc doesn’t interest me. I write to express myself and share and if others like it, great. I’m not much of a business minded person and don’t think in those terms at all.

    I do think the blog reflects me fairly accurately or at least I hope it does. I am pretty much a wear my heart on my sleeve type and very honest about what I am feeling. I try to always keep a positive outlook. Maybe that upbeat mood comes across stronger in my blogging persona than I actually feel deep down but my hope is that if I put it out there, I will feel it, too. Most of the time it works!

    1. I love you for who you are, Cat. Yes in one sense we never can be exactly who we portray through our writing. For instance I may be all witty and voluble online. In real life, people look away and ignore me if I try to be funny. Mostly because I think they misunderstand my sense of humour. It’s happened before, so I don’t think it’s them. It’s me 😉

  6. Interesting question! I am not sure I can say with full certainty that my blogs reflect my persona. Perhaps because I don’t know what my persona is 🙂 Aren’t ‘person’ and ‘persona’ somewhat different things? Isn’t persona about public perception of me? How can I know what people think of me? Or should I even care? Or is it about the ‘roles’ we play in life? I am not sure.

    But when it comes to blogging, I had more or less a specific idea in mind for each one of them given the very special inspiration behind them. I wanted my blogs to be spaces for some reflection, some contemplation, some thoughtful exploration of topics, both for me as well as any reader who visits those spaces. And lately it has become so much so that I have been writing and publishing things fully aware that not many people would care for them, but still I must write them! So having said that, perhaps in one sense it can be said that my blogs reflect that aspect of my persona – one that values these things 🙂

    1. Considering we are all in the public space vis-a-vis our blogs, it stands to reason that some part of our personae will always be up for view 🙂 Should we care? That, of course, is an individual choice.

      I agree that all blogging must be the way you describe it: ‘writing and publishing fully aware that not many people would care for them.’ It’s the most honest way to write and I appreciate it when people can be themselves. That to me is the true mark of a good writer, especially when it comes to non-fiction.

      Thank you, as always, for your detailed and thoughtful comment, Beloo.

  7. I love all your three blogs, Shailaja !!! The answrr for your question ……. Truely my blog reflects me …… its My Sweet Nothings …… and sure it’s all that linger in my mind ……

  8. That was a pretty honest and heartfelt post. You are a brilliant, engaging writer and storyteller. All your blogs reflect that too. Inadverently maybe, but your distinctive writing binds the three blogs with your personal stamp of clear-thinking.
    My blog hopefully reflects my persona, like me it is in a state of constant flux, moody, contemplative and funny at times. Enjoyed this post Shailaja.

    1. Thank you Kala. That’s a nice thing to hear and I am glad if the voice comes through 🙂 I think your blog has a very distinctive persona and I can feel it when I read the posts 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment!

  9. To answer your question, I’m not really sure. Yes, in some ways, my blog and what is write is an extension of ‘me – as a parent and a writer/blogger’. But then again, I don’t always write a lot of personal stuff; in fact, a lot of what I write is dependent on the how the readers react to certain posts.

    As for you, Shailaja, you’re as much a writer as the rest of us are. So, chin up and continue with your good work.

    1. Thank you Sid. I do believe that I am veering more towards the writer tag than the blogger one these days. I hope it strikes a chord with more people.

      As for you, ahem, yes there is more to you than the blog. This, I know 😉

  10. I currently have just 1 blog, and I use it to talk about things which people would find boring if we spoke in person because it isn’t about selfies, camera quality and what they should buy next.

    Through it, I try shedding light on some critical aspects of life which are so negligible that we tend to ignore them while pursuing things which don’t matter. Yup, it’s an extension of the real me.

    P.S. This is my favorite blog of all the ones you blog on. It’s awesome. Then again, you already know that, right? 😉

    1. I like the candour in your blog, Vishal. As long as that resonates you shouldn’t have to worry about what people will think of you in person 🙂

      Thank you for the compliment about this blog. This one’s your favourite? Wow, that makes me happy 🙂

  11. Oh yes, my blogs represents a lot of me sometimes much more than I’d want them too. I’ve realized that my writing stems from my own experiences, emotions, values, observations, family and so on even in my food blog. Interesting topic!

    1. Thanks Rachna. Yes I do find that sometimes more than what I would allow creeps out into the blog, possibly because we write instinctively. No way to take it back, of course. But then again, why should we as long as we are not hurting anyone else?

  12. Yes Shailaja, Blogs are a reflection of sorts.. of the blogger. I personally feel(atleast for someone like me who ahs a single blog.. Its probably a combination of all three. Some posts I write me in entirety, reflecting my passions and angishues. Some posts well could jus tbe a projection of what probably I want others to think of me. So yes.. if I had to sum it up, blogs are an extension of one’s personality and self.

  13. My blog is the real me on the inside, maybe that’s the essence of every personal blog. It showcases all that drives me and makes me beyond my visible persona. I have never been able to segregate the book reviews or food posts into independent blogs, because they are part of me and complete me.

    1. I know what you mean 🙂 I like the fact that some blogs are so diverse in the things they talk about but I separated parenting from this blog, because the audience was very very different than what I had in mind for this one. It seems to work for me. I hope it does.

  14. Shailaja, that’s a wonderful thought. I feel your persona is there in all the 3 blogs. I love reading them as you have a very honest, trusting voice.

    As for me, I don’t share a lot of stuff online as I feel uncomfortable. But whatever I put in has a bit of my heart. It would be very difficult to keep up a fake voice.

  15. Does my blog/Do my blogs reflect my persona? I like to think so, and I feel it is a question best answered by readers.

    But first, let me clear up one misconception here, Shailaja – you ARE an actual writer. Don’t ever doubt it.

    That Sai Baba quote is spot on, providing delicious food for thought 🙂
    Me, I like to think that I am the sum of the blogs I write, with plenty more to discover since that’s not the only writing I do. Often, we start something with a specific intention, and then get steered by our readers to some extent – I think that happened with my main blog. Also, no matter how many blogs, how many spaces we write, there’s one thing: Our Voice. Somehow that remains constant. We may differ in the way we present ourselves, just like we dress different for different occasions, but the heart is the same.

    D’you think my blogs reflect my persona?

    Superb post. Great read first thing in the morning! Thank you!

    1. Aww trust you to lift me out of my bog of self-doubt and stand on the shore of certainty 🙂 Thank you! It’s good to know that the writer in me comes across. I try very hard to ensure that it does.

      Oh you’re definitely the sum and more of the blogs that you write. Knowing you, this one’s a no-brainer 😉 Your warmth as a person comes through in your writing and your personality. Agree with you on the Voice. It’s the same voice across all 3 blogs plus my social media presence. I never say anything I do not mean and try to be kind as much as possible. That’s they way (I think) I am in person too.

      Thank you for reading, first thing in the morning 🙂

  16. To answer your question – Yes, I think my blog does reflect my persona – though not in its entirety. There is a lot more to me (a lot more to anyone) than what my (or their) blog projects, but I am content in the fact that whatever it does reflect, is a honest reflection of me.

    P.S. Love that quote. Sri Satya Sai Baba is a very inspirational figure. I have had the fortune to see him in person – twice – once in Puttaparthi, and once in Mumbai. 🙂

    1. Oh that goes without saying. I mean, obviously my blogs don’t cover ALL aspects of my persona. The question was whether what you put out there is what people also get when they meet you, for instance. If you are warm and witty on the blog, is that a shield you put up for hiding beyond your introverted nature or is that how you really are?

      Yes, He really was an inspirational figure. A lot of who I am today is shaped by Him and his teachings. For that, I am very very glad. Studied in his college for my M.A.

      1. Your reply has made me think of something that I had not considered earlier, but I’ll say it now.

        I am introverted, very introverted. I talk even less in a group situation, so if I am meeting several people at once – I will barely talk. But if I meet somebody one-on-one – more often than not – I will out-talk that person. In both situations, I am being myself. But I guess, I will leave very different impressions of who the real me is. Oh my god, this is so subjective!!

  17. I think mine do too. My blogs reflect what is top of my mind at a particular phase in my life. The mom blog of course – I think that’ll be a priority for a long time yet but other personal stuff has started stealing in so that I think is a good sign of getting over obsessive parenting. And the book blog that talks of my other love. I think you said it right Shailaja. PS : I like that quote. It has given me something to think about – are those three people same or different for me? Still wondering.

    1. Thanks Tulika. It’s one of my favourite quotes and channelises a lot of my beliefs in general about life, relationships and lately, blogging. Interestingly the premise is that the three people are actually different, not the same.

  18. I think my blog does reflect me. It reflects me in my essence whether I am hiding behind my haiku and fiction or revealing myself in my more chatty blogs. ❤️

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