Enough!- Light and Shade Challenge

Careful! You’re going to ruin the rug with that!

Watch where you put it down. I just cleaned the floor.

Did you even check how old this is? I mean, we have to feed this to the kids, for crying out loud!

You mean you didn’t put the bowl back after eating? Come on! I can’t do everything around here.

Ella glared at Rory, her nostrils flaring and her face red with irritation.

ENOUGH! barked Rory. Your rules are really beginning to annoy me. What does a dog have to do to get a moment’s peace around here?

Saying this, he stormed out of the kennel, deliberately thumping his tail against the door. Ella hated it when he did that, because it made the whole place shake! She turned her back on him and went back to licking her pups’ ears.

©Shailaja V



Written for the Light and Shade Challengelightandshade logo

This Monday’s prompt is the quote:

Your rules are really beginning to annoy me.

Writers must attempt a piece of fact/fiction/poetry in 500 words or less

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