Eternal Lament

The tears haven’t stopped yet
They flow afresh with every image, every headline and tweet I see
‘Why’ seems like a futile question
To ask of the ruthless Taliban who showed no mercy.

It isn’t enough to cry and grieve and mourn
For how can we even begin to fathom
That pain, that agony and terrifying silence
Which must be nestled in even one mother’s womb?

My heart stopped beating yesterday
Stunned into unspeakable muteness
By the sheer scale of the attack
Which rendered mute the lives of a hundred innocents.

Our world shakes on a rocky foundation
Where crimes are committed in the name of Religion;
Today, I stand in solidarity with every bereaved soul
Be they from Peshawar, Gaza or Sandy Hook Elementary School.

26 thoughts on “Eternal Lament

  1. what happened was ghastly, to think that it was committed in sheer cold blood!! When humans are capable of so much love and sacrifice, what could force them to take this barbaric path. I can feel your words, because that’s exactly how I felt when I heard the new.

  2. They did not just kill a few innocent souls. They also killed the hopes, dreams and ambitions of a million others. Cowards, they are. Hiding behind their shield of faith, when no religion or faith calls for the loss of innocent lives.

      1. I feel the same. I don’t even know where to begin to express how I feel. We are not yet parents but I felt like my own died. At times like these I wish I did believe in an afterlife, a heaven for those little ones.

  3. I am speechless, Shailaja! Every time I think about it, my heart skips a few beats. Poor little souls! What was their fault? Why all the violence? When will it end?

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