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That Perfect Photograph

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Featured on the BlogHer home page

 7 ways to break your social media addiction

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7 steps to managing a blogging challenge

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Interview by Women’s Web on

World Suicide Prevention Day

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Women's Web

Contributor to The Huffington Post

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Interview by White Swan Foundation for Mental Health

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White Swan


Interview by Yeah Write

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yeah write

Featured by Blog Adda on Depression Awareness 

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Media Mention at Live Mint

Live Mint Feature


At BuzzingBubs

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On BuzzingBubs
On BuzzingBubs

On Women’s Web

Women's Web

My author page at Women’s web

On WritersMelon


My Guest post for them

Blog Adda showered its love on these posts 🙂

Love Letter: Dealing with Rejection was a Spicy Saturday Pick


My post about God’s existence was  a Tangy Tuesday Pick!


Indiblogger and Oyo Rooms liked this post quite a bit

and picked me as a Runner up!

A Weekend to remember with OyoXplorer

Oyo Rooms - Runner Up!

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