Break me down
Into little pieces
that fit into the cracks
of your incomplete self;

Let me fill those spaces
with the soothing touch
of empathy
dosed with a dollop of care.

How must it be
to be abandoned
quietly cut off
from the laughter all around?

Not everyone sees it.
Pretty much nobody hears it.
Practically speaking,
it doesn’t matter.

Yet some days, you want someone
to reach out
touch that core of sadness
feel that heartbeat of sorrow
reverberate with the despondency
of your fragmented soul

and say,

I know how it feels.

© Shailaja V, 2015

13 thoughts on “Filling the cracks – #Poem #Amwriting

  1. Aw Shailaja, yes I know that feeling – well enough. However it has a lot to do with my own mental state. There are days when I can jump right into a conversation and then there are days when I feel completely unable to do so and need someone to draw me in/out.

    1. For me, that’s pretty much every second day, Sid. Being an introvert in the land of social media can be quite a daunting task most days. Some days I feel I am standing on the sidelines, listening to the chatter and feeling completely awkward about not being able to join in. But deep inside, I know it’s the way it is supposed to be.

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