Fragile lives #BarAThon #FlashFiction

“Mom, it’s broken.”

Sneha sighed, “What did you do today?”

Teary eyed Jai replied, “Nothing, mom. I swear. I was just riding the bike.”

“And, you fell?”

“No. I just got off and it snapped.”


“Just like that? But it’s only been a month!”

“I didn’t do it. Promise.”

“Fine. We’ll go back to the store and get it replaced.”

The clock’s hands touched 5.30 pm and the bell above the cycle shop clinked as Sneha and Jai pushed it open. In the back room, Mr. Dubey heard the sound and chuckled in glee. Right on time, as always.

Coming out with his most professional air, he listened sympathetically and nodded saying, ‘Yes, those damn foreign brands. Here’s a piece that will stay for much longer.

Sneha winced, ‘You said that last time too.’

Shrugging, Dubey said, ‘Hey lady. The best I’ve got. Take it or leave it.’

Ten minutes later, he sat there, his chubby fingers counting the crisp notes.


Welcome to the Bar-A-Thon, the blogging challenge over at Blog-A-Rhythm. I’m blogging every day this week and will be writing short pieces of fiction on each of the daily prompts.

I’ve also taken up the theme of the 7 deadly sins and will touch upon one each day.


Today’s prompt: Fragile lives

Today’s theme: Greed

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18 thoughts on “Fragile lives #BarAThon #FlashFiction

  1. Ah, the greed! Such a deadly sin. But then I think it’s probably one of the most prevalent ones in us humans, isn’t it? We always want more!

    Good interpretation of the prompt, Shy!
    Sid recently penned this post RouletteMy Profile

  2. That’s how everything is around us these days! You name any profession, store, work… greed is everywhere. Everything means business. Everything is commercialized! Sad state it is. Sigh.

  3. Greed! I wonder how people in the Neanderthal Age fulfilled their greedy desires. Was it not evident because they never had to pay cash for anything? Or were they much more civilised than us in this matter?

    I can only imagine the state of the poor girl, falling off her bicycle every time, only because someone else didn’t want to fall off the high pedestal of being rich!

  4. wow indeed what a terrible man! I love how you linked fragile lives to greed. There is something profound about that. I must think on this unexpected connection some more. 🙂

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