From 15 to 50: Fiction Link Up- November 2014

Welcome, everyone, to the  Monthly Challenge

at the Moving Quill :

‘FROM 15 TO 50’

  1.  Your post should be a minimum of 15 words  and a maximum of 50 words (not including the title). No leeway allowed on this 😉
  2. Include this line in your post: Linking this to the Fiction Challenge ‘From 15 to 50′
  3. If you use my image, please credit it to this blog.
  4. Add your blog link/entry to the comments section of this post. (No linky from this month onwards)
  5. Entry submissions will be taken till the 20th of each month.

Find the complete details about the challenge on THIS PAGE. (Click to view)


Word prompt: Destiny

Phrase Prompt: ‘Jaws of Death’

Picture Prompt:

jaws of death

*Apologies for not putting up the winning entries for October’s challenge. I will do so at the earliest.

39 thoughts on “From 15 to 50: Fiction Link Up- November 2014

  1. My comment seems to be disappearing each time Shailaja. Anyway, that’s some picture you’ve put up. I am hardly in the fiction groove these days but might just give this one a shot.

  2. Hi, Shailaja! Was about to ask you about last month’s results! Now, waiting for the same and thinking about this month’s prompt! Thanks!

  3. That’s such a cool picture. The word prompt is very interesting too. Let’s see what comes up in that head/heart of mine 🙂 Good to see you slowly getting back into the groove, Shailaja. But do take care.

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