From #15to50- October Fiction Challenge-#Winners

Sorry for the inordinate delay but here are the top 5 posts for my October Fiction challenge. 🙂

This challenge saw a wonderful response with 11 entries in total.

The whole trick of Flash fiction and micro-fiction, in particular, is the skill of weaving an entire story into the shortest number of words possible, without compromising on content and expression. Without further ado, here are the top 5 posts, for your pleasure. Winner’s post is at the bottom of the list. Hey, I am saving the best for last 😉  To refresh your memory, here were the prompts:

Word prompt: Happiness

Phrase Prompt: ‘On the Beach’

Picture Prompt:

mario miranda mug


The Pursuit of Happiness by Beloo Mehra

She woke up excitedly from her afternoon siesta as he kissed her softly and said the three magic words – “Tea is ready.” Sitting in the veranda, silently they sipped the hot tea and looked at the rain dancing in their little garden outside.

The End.

And so it begins. Again.

Judge’s Remarks:Beautiful words to convey the simplest of pleasures. Nice work!


Happiness by Shilpa Halwe

Happiness is childhood,
with Sundays on the beach,
building castles in the air,
      and, a few in the sand, too!
Where sun rays kissed 
the  tanned nose, 
and the waves — the muddy toes.
The ocean, the breeze,
the tiny pink shells…

Wish I could have 
a piece of that happiness!
Judge’s Remarks: This piece made me happy just reading it. Great use of the word prompt!


A drop of happiness by I B Arora

“If you want happiness, go to the beach.”

“I am there.”

“Are you alone?”


“I don’t think so, you are still with her…. her memory”

He walked into the waves. He felt sand melting under his feet. He let her go.

A drop of happiness rolled down his cheek.

Judge’s Remarks: This was so stark and striking in its imagery and such economic use of the words. Excellent job!


On the Beach by Mayuri Nidigallu

An indignant blush crept up her neck and bloomed on her face.
How dare he use such language, she fumed inwardly!
Twisting the ends of her napkin in her hands, she was contemplating a quick exit when the waiter
repeated, “For a tangy drink, shall I suggest a, Virgin Sex On the Beach, ma’am?”

Judge’s Remarks: This post made me chuckle and grin widely. I love the way the writer juxtaposes indignation and an  innocent query. Brilliant!


On the Beach by Anita S

Happiness on the beach for Mr. Bakshi!

He ogled at a pretty lady in a bikini sexy

Mrs. Bakshi who was wet, was wild seeing this.

Hubby staring at another woman is no bliss . . .

Their little boy was unaware of any tension

For him, being on the beach meant happiness and fun!

Judge’s Remarks: There is a reason this post was the best. Anita effortlessly combined all 3 prompts under the word count and did a fabulous job of presenting 3 different perspectives while doing so. No mean feat! Congratulations Anita!

I would like to thank everyone who participated, shared, encouraged and supported this endeavour !

November’s winners will be announced soon 🙂

So, what are you five waiting for? Grab the image below and display it on your blog!

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