From #15to50- September Fiction Challenge-#Winners

Yes, I know it’s October already and I am late to the Winner’s party, but here are the top 5 posts for my September Fiction challenge. 🙂

This challenge saw a wonderful response with 27 entries in total. It was really difficult for me to shortlist my favourite posts to present to the judges, since I had to read all of them and evaluate them based on various aspects such as language, imagery, grammar  and of course, word count! But, you all made it so much fun! I was really impressed by the range of responses this set of prompts evoked.

The whole trick of Flash fiction and micro-fiction, in particular, is the skill of weaving an entire story into the shortest number of words possible, without compromising on content and expression. Without further ado, here are the top 5 posts, for your pleasure. Winner’s post is at the bottom of the list. Hey, I am saving the best for last 😉 Thanks to the two Mystery judge bloggers who verified their choice of the top 5 posts.  Just so you all know, the shortlisted posts are sent to the judges without any indication of who has written them 🙂 To refresh your memory, here were the prompts:

Word prompt: Perspective

Phrase Prompt: ‘Three in a row’

Picture Prompt:

three pots



Challenge:Live the Lie by Roshan Radhakrishnan

“This cheery persona, these colorful masks… they are all a lie. I feel so empty inside.”

“Then live the lie.” he told me. “Be one with the cheery false appearances until gradually the lie becomes your reality and the darkness is no longer visible, even to you.”

Judge’s Remarks: It is so difficult to convey such a powerful image in such few words and the writer manages to do that very well. The fact that it lies open-ended is probably the best part of the whole piece. Well done!

If you have been in the blogging space, you would have met Dr. Roshan through his blog, GodYears. If you haven’t, please go across right now for an eclectic mix of fun, thought-provoking ideas and some heartfelt writing.


Three in a Row by Aditi Kausiva

There were three in a row, Standing tall in defiance. Now all lay dead. I looked at him in horror, as he licked his lips, an evil gleam in his eyes. Disgusted, I ran away clutching my precious barbie doll. Ugh! Boys!!
Judge’s Remarks: This piece made me smile as I am sure it did for everyone who read it. The suspense was built up well and managed to turn the reader’s frown upside down. Great use of the phrase prompt!
Aditi is known for her very stark and clearly etched fiction pieces. Hop over to read more at her blog, Life is a Journey. . . make it beaYoutiful


Three in a row by Mayuri Nidigallu

It was time to be ruthless. Being merciful hadn’t paid. It was her peace of mind that was paramount now. They didn’t matter anymore. She spotted her targets. It was now or never. Taking a deep breath, she aimed. Whack! Whack! Whack! How harmless they looked in death.  Three dead mosquitoes. Judge’s Remarks: This was a very funny take on the prompt and something that all of us can relate to! Excellent work on the phrase prompt! Mayuri’s blog is a very honest and heartwarming one. She blogs about everything that catches her fancy. Check out her space, Deliciously Alive! for more details.


Tic-Tac-Toe by Priya Mani

Sparkling new flowerpots on the bridal ledge. Love, life and laughter, she hoped to nurture. He chose to water Power, pelf and prestige. His weeds crossed out her blossoms. Judge’s Remarks: Why this post stands out for me is the fact that the writer has used words with incredible economy and effect. The last line, especially, underlines how her efforts were drowned by his own. Very powerful! Priya Mani is a blogger who writes from the soul. Her posts are filled with whimsy about life, the philosophy of this existence and peppered with episodes about motherhood and her favourite beverage, tea 😀 Read more at her blog, A Cup of Tea and Twilight.


PERSPECTIVE by Sfurti Sinha

Heads down in fear,or

bowed to the almighty

Hands tied, Held together

By force, or

in prayers

Dead silence

As they wait

Three in a row

Silence of death

As they break free

Three in a row

Judge’s Remarks: There is a reason this post was the best. It is well written, succinct, and open to interpretation. The writer can create such a visually powerful image with her words that you are left breathless, wondering at the state of mind of the ones at the mercy of the ruthless. Sfurti writes exquisite poetry at her blog.You can read more of her posts at her blog, Juzt a Mom.

Congratulations,  Sfurti, Priya, Mayuri, Aditi and Roshan! 

I would like to thank everyone who participated, shared, encouraged and supported this endeavour and I eagerly look forward to setting next month’s challenge and reading the thrilling entries 🙂

So, what are you five waiting for? Grab the image below and display it on your blog!

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