What’s life without crests and troughs? That’s what I think about when I look back at June. It’s been a very unpredictable month especially after the relative calm of May. Every June (or at least that’s what it feels like) I seem to go into a mode of overwhelm, either as a mom or as a woman. I’m not sure if it’s the back-to-school routine that has this effect or something in the air which helps it along.

Either way, June began with a lot of challenges. But I am going to talk about them all as well as the gratitude I have for each of them because it’s important. It’s necessary to see everything as a speck in the larger scheme of things. If there’s one thing that the gratitude habit has taught me, it’s that we must never look at things in isolation.

And so, here’s looking back at you, June.


The month began with Gy going back to school. A lump rises in my throat every time this happens because it feels like she is growing up way too fast. But with that growth also comes a sense of maturity, more responsibility and an emotional understanding.

So it kind of hit me with a blow when she fell sick in the first week! And this is a kid who rarely falls sick. When I got the call from school that she was holding her head in pain and was in tears I couldn’t rest until I saw her and held her in my arms. No matter how old they get, they’re still these precious bundles that we gave birth to and these situations make me feel them very keenly.

Watching her in pain over the next 5 days was gut-wrenching and it took a lot out of me emotionally and physically. But I was grateful for the flexibility of my business that allowed me to be with her at odd hours. Plus I am ever grateful for the love and care of her friends and our neighbours who generously offered to help out in any way possible.


I’ve become a bit self-conscious when it comes to talking about my work here, probably because I do a lot of it on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook already. Rather self-indulgent, maybe? So I won’t bore you with the details.

But I did have a very low phase in the early part of June which made me second guess my decision. You may have read about it already.

What I am grateful for, though, is the presence of friends and well-wishers who helped pull me out of that phase. Where would I be without them?


I’ve become more conscious and determined to make health an ongoing priority. I’ve been walking regularly and can definitely improve on some other fronts.

Of course there were naysayers, especially the one person who chose to body shame me about eating a slice of cake. While that was mildly upsetting, I’ve chosen to take the high road and let it go.

Life’s too short to be spent on explaining yourself and your choices to people. This is a big change, by the way. I am usually very defensive and tend to go on and on about the validity of my decision. Maybe crossing into a new decade has brought more wisdom with it. Well, one can hope. πŸ˜‰


I managed to finish one book and what a book it was: The boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The fable of a boy set against the backdrop of World War 2 is so achingly well-written that I can still feel the effects of it, nearly a fortnight later.

Warning: Do not read this one when you feel vulnerable or tired. It will break you.


June 1st also saw me complete 1000 days of being yell-free at my daughter. I honestly don’t know how to react to this anymore because 5 years ago, not only was this unimaginable, but I never thought about the possibility of it. Grateful forΒ  peace in the parenting space.

Indiblogger sent over the absolutely gorgeous certificate for the Indian Blogger Awards for 2017 in the relationships category. Just seeing it made me smile. Perhaps this blogging thing is just meant to be and I am so grateful for all the love and virtual hugs I received.

Lessons from June

June taught me to slow down, even more than I already have.Β It explained to me, gently, that it doesn’t matter how quickly we get to a destination. What matters is that we don’t stop moving. (That’s a paraphrase of Confucius’ quote, by the way)

I learnt that sometimes the simplest of things give the greatest of joys, such as discovering a 17-year-old steel tiffin box which my daughter now takes to school with delight.

I found it in a beautiful game of story cubes that she plays, using creativity to explore known stories with a different spin.Β  (Catch the video below)

By switching off earlier each night and cutting back on my online activity, I found a greater peace and an enhanced effect on my mood and body.

In learning to consume content online with intent and purpose as well as using social media mindfully, I began to enjoy the little time I spent on these platforms.

And through it all, I found that the friendships and the people don’t disappear. If anything, the connections I have now are stronger than they were a year ago. If this isn’t worth being grateful for, tell me what is. πŸ™‚

And with that I look forward to July, which holds a few special milestones of its own. I hope and pray that your June was filled with good things too? Do share in the comments.

Even better, write a post on your blog and link up with Vidya Sury and her gratitude circle. She hosts it every month on the last Thursday.Β 

14 thoughts on “Gratitude for June: The Ups, Downs & the Steady

  1. More power to you. Hope your hand feels better now. And 5 years of no yelling! I hope I can boast of such a milestone in future. I have still to start with day 1 though πŸ˜‰

  2. She is way better, Parul. Thank you for asking. And I know all of you are in support of my journey always. I am grateful for that. And yes, we should meet. Been way too long. πŸ™‚

  3. How is Gy now? Is she okay? I am sure it would have been hard so see her in pain. I tell my Mum that she needs to stop worrying for me but she never does. Mums are wired like that.
    On your business and all that work you are doing, I am so proud of you Shailaja. You may not me around but I am all the time cheering for you. I know that you are a woman who is determined and focused and nothing else matters. I will check out that post. I have missed a lot of reading in the past many weeks. :/
    Please eat that slice of cake. No point depriving the body of what it wants. It’s all about balance.
    I wish you a happy July and we should meet. It’s been so long, <3

  4. Such a lovely post, Shy! It fills me with joy to see how you’re going with your business…I wish I had more time to support you by attending things but it’s currently not where I am at with regards to blogging. But I’m still cheering from the sidelines. Good on you for your exercise and screw body-shamers. If you want to eat cake, eat the damn cake! It’s all about balance. Agree with you on Boy in the striped pyjamas. The movie is just as powerful. Hope you have a wonderful July!

  5. Wow what a beautiful post about love life and lessons here. I agree with Tulika – never ever feel guilty about cake- wish you lived closer, would have baked and zipped one right across. Hugs

    You are one of my blogging heroes- making your acquaintance was fortutious for me and I hope this connection remains on forever. I learn so much from you everyday; even if I am not able to do 1/10th of it in my online/blogging life – I have given up some of my “bad” habits only by “watching” you!! Thank you for inspiring me to be a better blogger/writer each day.

    You deserve all your milestones and many more – here’s wishing that they keep coming on!

    Hugs to Gy and happy to hear she is over her illness bout- see it as a nazar ka totka – she is done with illnesses for this year now πŸ™‚

    All the best for your online work – keep going for you are doing an amazing job!

  6. Well, it’s always hard when our little ones get sick. Yes they are always little πŸ™‚
    Naysayers are everywhere and it’s hard for me to push them easily.

  7. She is, Tulika. Thank you for checking up πŸ™‚

    The 1000 days thing? Ah, it’s been a hard road.

    And no, not ever giving up on cake, at least not until the doctor orders me to. Thank you πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks Rachna πŸ™‚ Yes she is doing much better. It was a severe sinusitis attack so we’ve put in some preventive measures on an ongoing basis which seem to be helping.

    I agree about the phone calls. They made me feel so much better! Let’s definitely make it regular. πŸ™‚

    Yep, the fitness thing is improving and I am happy about it too. Takes all kinds of people to make up this world, and easy to hide behind anonymous profiles and shame people these days. Ah well.

    Wishing you a great July and look forward to your post too!

  9. That is the reason I love doing gratitude posts though I haven’t written the June one as yet. It helps us take stock and look for positives no matter how testing the situations have been. Happy that Gy is doing better. It’s terrible to see a child suffer no matter how old they get.

    Happy that you are reaching out and getting perspectives. I loved our phone calls this month. Let’s make it a regular feature even if we can’t meet often. 😊

    I loved the quote you shared. That is what I hold on to. My dad says something similar when I am down. He just tells me to give it my best shot. The outcome is not under my control so from shifting the focus on the result to my effort, I am able to positively channelize my efforts. Happy for all the great things related to fitness. And I can’t believe someone had a problem with you eating a slice of cake! Just ignore them I guess.

    Wish you a lovely July!

  10. I hope Gy is well now. Those phone calls from school are terrifying. I got one for H too last week but he just had a mild temperature so it was fine. So so proud of you for 1000 days of not yelling. Having known you for some time now I’ve seen you do it with such determination and that’s a life lesson I’ll keep with me – whether it is not-yelling or fitness or even blogging the only way to succeed is to keep at it. I hope July is wonderful for you.
    PS: Never give up cake.

  11. Lovely Gratitude List .. see life is so simple and this Gratitude always reminds us that there is always something which we should be thankful for. Congratulations on the indiblogger achievement.

  12. Awesome list. Congrats for the Indiblogger win. I am penning my gratitude list too. Hope would join in soon.
    My mother also treasures her 25 year old aluminum plates. It’s more nostalgia than anything else.. 😊

  13. Loved reading this post, and I am so glad to hear that inspite of the challenges the month brought along with it, you overcame them and came out stronger and calmer. At the end of the day, that’s what really matters. πŸ™‚

    I am going to hold off reading that book because as of now I am only reading light fluffy happy books to help me destress from everything else going on in my life at the moment.

    Ohhh and storyblocks..your video inspired me to get it for Dhruv and I have to say THANK YOU! It’s such a wonderful creative way to keep the kids occupied!

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