Illogical Math- #42 words

Two curls of the lip
One raised eyebrow
Five disapproving glares
Six condescending smirks
Eighty-one scathing remarks

Should have done the trick;

Two loving glances
One understanding smile
Five bear hugs
Six adorable kisses
Nine simple words of love

Surprised him instead!

Image courtesy: Dreamstime

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69 thoughts on “Illogical Math- #42 words

  1. Ah beautiful sentiments. I’ve tried this on my son. Never works without a raised eyebrow, but then the raised eyebrow doesn’t work without the love. It’s a nice balance 🙂

  2. Love this, Shailaja – it’s so upbeat and positive : ) And the kind of math I like.

  3. Now this is the kind of mathematical surprise that turns out well for everyone 🙂 Love the use of numbers at the start of the lines….it ‘adds’ (haha, pun intended) to the prompt question so well.

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