Inextricably Yours- #FlashFiction

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Eyes reddened and widened, struggling to stay open, but the fatigue was getting to him. Hands trembled as he sat down to eat his meal, but his pulse quickened every time he heard that sound. Feverishly, the mind calculated how long it had been since the last time.

A whole quarter of an hour had passed! Fingers drummed on the table, the irritability in them growing with each movement.

Finally, he couldn’t resist it any longer. With both hands, he grabbed it and flipped it open.

‘Seven new notifications’, blinked the screen, displaying his Facebook feed.

The addict’s smile curved upwards and he relapsed, without a second thought.


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12 thoughts on “Inextricably Yours- #FlashFiction

  1. He he he…no one would have guessed what the end would have been like! Facebook has not let people have even their meals in peace, eh? Loved it πŸ™‚

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