Insatiable- #Five sentence #Fiction

He lay perfectly still on the cotton sheets, waiting for Lisa’s breath to become even and regular, indicating that she was in the throes of the deepest slumber.

Gently, he wriggled his toes out from under the comforter and slid them off the bed, his torso following suit, as he slithered, snake-like, noiselessly out of his side of the four-poster bed.

Slipping on his  bedroom slippers, he padded quietly towards the corridor, even as the clock on the wall shone a radiant green, indicating that the hour was twenty past midnight.

Furtively, he hurried to the kitchen and without turning on the light, he felt his way to the large freezer and opened it to find what he wanted inside, where Lisa had kept it, furious that he’d ignored her all through dinner.

Sighing, by the neon glow of the refrigerator, he quietly read the last three pages of the whodunit novel and smiled, thinking, I was right about the killer!


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 ©Shailaja V

Written for Five Sentence Fiction’s Prompt: Hunger


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34 thoughts on “Insatiable- #Five sentence #Fiction

  1. hahaha…love(d) it yet again dear Shailaja! How brilliant your stories are with such unusual twists…who would have known? 😉 <3

  2. Hahahaha…..loved the end! I thought he would open the freezer to fish out his favourite ice-cream which was out of bounds for him.

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