Enraptured by her form, she twirled on the silvery web.

“Don’t I look amazing?”

Her voice drifted over to her mate, who yawned. “You’ve got some weight on you, love.”

Freezing in mid-twirl, her foot settled on his tiny body. Afterwards, she licked her fangs.


He should have known better.


Moral:Β Keep your counsel to yourself and thus stay away from trouble.


19 thoughts on “Just Desserts- Flash Fiction

  1. Hahaha, men and their unwanted counsel! Well deserved. The black widow should take a bow as should you for writing this so beautifully!

  2. This was so close to home. When will they learn? And I love how you can put it all in the correct form, yet leaving a lingering imagery.

  3. Thank you!

    You’re right about the dangling participle and the foot! I actually rewrote that part 5 times and just couldn’t get it to sound smooth enough without compromising on the word count.

    Did I tell you I love your feedback? πŸ™‚

  4. I like how you didn’t ever have to say “spiders” to show us the anthropomorphized animals. The only place I struggled was at “Freezing in mid-twirl, her foot settled…” because with that dangling participle it sounds like her foot was twirling all by itself!

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